Schultz: Best CFL Rosters excelling after 4 weeks

The best personnel play on the best teams and after four weeks of football it is pretty easy to accurately diagnose who has the highest quality roster.
  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders
    When you beat a team 37 to 0 you really make a statement of how good you are right now. That is what happened Sunday night in Regina and when the Riders play Hamilton again on Saturday it will probably happen again. Not necessarily 37 to 0 but as long as the Riders stay humble they could be 5-0 heading into the Bye week. There are many good stories of players playing well but how about Rob Bagg as a receiver and his two big-time touchdown pass receptions? When a player has an ACL injury it is a career threatening situation. Rob Bagg had two and what is so unique is he had one on each knee. The fact that the Riders did not give up on him says a lot about an organization that is on top of its game.


  1. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
    The biggest surprise for me has been Greg Ellingson. Nothing spectacular but very sound. 6'3", 197 lbs with a nice arm length, Ellingson can do this for years to come if he so desires. He is a great example of a guy who fits. Fits the league and style of play. Hamilton needs a cover linebacker and although improving a dominant pass rushing defensive end. But in what always makes football so interesting for me, they are not that far off. Most interesting player to me? Cornerback Raymond Brown. Big 6'3" cornerback from a good Kansas program and if he can be that big "match-up on the tallest receiver" player, it's a definite step forward for the Ticats.

A good read. Thanks for the link, Captain.
Schultz, who predicted a big SSK win in Regina but only half as big as it turned out, is predicting a better, but not good enough, result for the return match:

Agreed, good post.

Since training camp I liked what I saw in Ray Brown and agree with Schultz and the same for Ellingson. Cats need a rush end and a good line backer to fill Knowlton's shoes. I would just add that the Cats need to fill in other good players like receivers when players get injured, we have a ton of injuries but we should have the ability to draw in new talent to fill key positions.