Schultz Against The World

We get no respect! (Homage to the late great Rodney Dangerfield).

Chris Schultz is predicting a close loss to the Stamps on Friday night.

Calgary is coming off a short week as opposed to our weekend off.

We'll beat Calgary at home sweet Ivor Wynn .

I think Winnepeg will upset Als in Winnipeg with their strong defence and improving offence.

Sure hope so as it totally goes against every single persons predictions outside of Manitoba.

In BC you have to go with Geroy Simon and Dave Dickenson over Kerry Joseph and the green machine.

I'm looking forward to Winnipeg vs Montreal though ,contrary to week one when I thought that would be a boring game.

Wrong ,their defence made it interesting. :cowboy:

I think you guys are giving the Bombers too much credit... remember.. 2 of their 3 wins have come against an IMPOTENT double blue team.. and they didn't really beat them all that much. Spergeon Lose can't wynn anymore.. he was a 1 game wonder it seems