Schultz against the world: Division Final Picks

Week 21 Picks

1:00 PM Sunday, November 18, 2007
Winnipeg @ Toronto

Something is missing on offence for the Bombers. They are tough and resilient and all those sorts of things, but there is still something missing. I think they will have an advantage if they make it a street fight. They will be able to diffuse the skill of the Argonauts if they do that. The Argos are the better team, but that doesn't mean they will be the better team on this day. A key battle will be Winnipeg's attempts to block Adriano Belli. If the Bombers can establish Charles Roberts, create balance on offence and win the turnover battle, Winnipeg can win.For Toronto, they have an advantage on special teams and on defence, and that just might be enough. When they played Saskatchewan two weeks ago, they were also exceptional on offence, with Michael Bishop leading the way. That was very important for their confidence.[b]Toronto 24, Winnipeg 19

Schultz Picks: Toronto[/b]

4:30 PM Sunday, November 18, 2007
Saskatchewan @ B.C.

Energy will be on the Lions' side. Having played in B.C. Place a time or two when it was sold out, I can tell you it will be a big advantage for the home side. If Saskatchewan can get off to a good start, like they did against Calgary last week with a first play touchdown, it will take the energy out of the building fast. But that's a big if. The best thing to do on offence for Saskatchewan is to run misdirection early and often. Use the intensity of the Lions front seven to their advantage. Do not give them anything basic, do the unusual.For the Lions, it's about receivers determining the game. If they can get some 1-on-1 situations in space, that's a big advantage for B.C. Do not be conservative, be aggressive.What Saskatchewan has accomplished this year is special. They have the best CFL fans in Canada and it is difficult not to hope they win this one.[b]B.C. 34, Saskatchewan 24

Schultz Picks: B.C. [/b]

There is always an upset somewhere in the playoffs. It didn't happen last week so there should be one this week. Question is who or which team will accomplish it.

redstallion: You're right about upsets in the playoffs. I think Saskatchewan upsets BC to take on the Argos in a 1997 grey Cup rematch. I like winnipeg, but i don't see them beating the Argos this week.

I think Schultz does great job. He knows football. I am a Riders fan. Being at home is a big advantage. We had 1 last week. It will be hard to beat Lions.
In the Cup the Argos will be at home. If they beat Bombers. I say Argos win at home. Both game. Grey Cup champs.

Schultz saw the same thing I saw last week. For Saskatchewan to win, Joseph needs to run those fakes and mis-directions.

He knows his football. But he also goes with %'s and things for the most part because that is how he gets his wins. Of course he is going to take the home teams in the playoffs. Did he not do the same last week? There is usually at least one upset come playoff time...

...For Winnipeg to win....'special teams play''''kill theirs and the Bombers have to make theirs error free...and hope it doesn't come to Troy having to kick a field -goal to win wait a worked the last time, right Sport... :lol: :lol:

Do you feel confident with Troy.......???

Be scared Papa, be scared!