Schoen on Bombers loss: 'It’s just a kick in the stomach'

After enjoying so many highs all season Dalton Schoen experienced a devastating low in the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 24-23 loss to the Toronto Argonauts in Sunday’s 109th Grey Cup at Mosaic Stadium in Regina.

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Just think how Milt Stegall must've felt. Three years with the Bengals followed by 14 years with the Bombers and nada. Not one single championship ring. He came soo close when Kevin Glenn snapped his arm Getting us to the Cup against Saskatchewan. If only backup Dinwiddie had been given some practice time during the regular season...


The Bomber's offense looked poor in the final with the Lions and hinted at a Grey Cup collapse. The Grey Cup was largely a Defensive game and the Argo's defense was ready for the victory. So much for the west is the best. :trophy: :anchor: :anchor: :smiley:


Well I hope this new attitude in the East carries over to next season. No more moping for you guys or else.

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Don't feel too bad Bombers. You're a solid 12-6 team but nothing more so you done good making it to the final. You won 4 games by a total of 7 points this year I believe - and happily took those wins to get the By. Last year if it wasn't for Hamilton taking a knee on that punt at the end of the game you probably would have lost that one by 1 point too. No one trembles at the Bombers. Sorry. Talk to ya in June.

I believe it was a kickoff not a punt.

The Bombers played well in the 07 GC. If not for the interceptions (especially for the ones in front of Stegall where he did not even try to come back to the ball) they may have won.

Dalton forgot the Golden Rule of all team sports. There can only be "one winner" After reviewing the tape he will clearly see "The Best Team Won" :anchor:

Note: He's to young to remember The thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat :sweat_smile:

Very true!

It’s weird but The loss make me more optimistic for next year. The loss should motivate the team to play better next season! Already excited for next year!


I don't think many are trembling about the Stamps either. Huf/Dick have now entered the hasbeen era.


Second that. This kind of defeat can be either a death knell, OR a wakeup call. I suspect that for the Blue Bombers and their head coach it will be the latter. Then again, this is a league with tight budgets and a free agency free-for-all. Think about Mike Jones, Kenny Lawler and Darvin Adams. Maybe they already know what needs to be done.

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Everyone is going to lose players they don’t want to and bring in players they never imagined would be available. Would be a fun offseason.

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That's the spirit! Thanks to that narrow and listless GC defeat we'll come back better and more irritating than ever! :grinning: :+1:


Walters' ability to sign the right players in free agency coupled with Danny-Mac and Goveia's scouting will keep O'Shea's cupboard full.


Yea that is possible after a decade of leading the league, they have struggled the last few years to make the playoff. Good news is they never got stuck in the Basement, like Elks & Riders. Oh well now we will see the Bombers as they have now proved to be entering the "HASBEEN " Era. Question is will they sink to the basement ot a room above? They have Lots of aging players that need replacing. And Collaros is slipping down the charts with that GC Game.

Shhh. Keep that info under your hat. I wouldn't want anyone else to hear that Winnipeg guys are the best stockers.

The Bombers haven’t been proven to be entering the “has been” era by any measure and neither has Zach. They lost a GC game by one point that they easily could have won. And this was after running the gauntlet in the West and beating the second best team in the league and having their MOP QB (x2) playing on a bum ankle, which everyone knew but hasn’t been used as an excuse and won’t be.

The point is that they are hardly near “has been” status. If they are I shudder to think what the status of the Stamps is given another out of contention year and the playoff showing of a not yet ready for prime time Maier.

The Bombers will no doubt have significant turnover as will every other team. Their brain trust has proven to be the best in the league over the last 5 years and there is no reason to think they won’t continue to be. Plus for the last few years there is no more desirable destination than Winnipeg for a CFL free agent. Players talk and players know. That won’t get the Bombers everyone they may want but it is an advantage. I would worry about your rapidly sinking Stamps rather than bad mouthing the Bombers just because they lost a GC by one point.

And I would like to see you walk up to Willie Jefferson and tell him to his face that he is old. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


You say stockers, I say stalkers. At any rate we'll confuse the spies. They'll think we're talking about grocery store clerks and perverts.

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The Bombers have for a number of years now had a great foundation to build upon. 2023 will be no different

Injuries happen and that’s when players get opportunities. I think almost all, if not all players that stepped in stepped up this year when asked to.

If Dalton Schoen tries down South, all the best to him. They will find another talent via free agency, camp workouts or in house (O’Leary Orange, Agudosi).

He was this years Deandre Alford. Alford left and Deatrick Nichols excelled. The organization has been masterful at finding talent. It will continue.

Let the bashers bash and the gloaters gloat if that’s what it takes for them to feel good about themselves. Jealousy is their color and they may not have actually played on any teams to know what losing feels like. You don’t have to have won anything before to know that losing sucks.

Go Blue!


Just wait until we get really bored this winter and start talking about grocery store clerks and perverts for real. Gotta keep the mods on their toes.

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