Schmidtt has workout with Bills

Add punter Ricky Schmidtt to the list of other Rider free agents who have had NFL work outs and are waitng for the official FEB 15 date to see if they will be offered a NFL futures deal.
Sheets and Dressler are also currently wainting for the same.

It's gonna hurt if we lose all these 3 key players, They are a big part of the team, and going to be hard to replace!

It will definitely hurt if all three Schmidtt, Dressler, and Sheets all go to an NFL TC but not impossible.
signing Milo and keeping him out of free agency and a possible return to the east Montreal of Ottawa, who both will probably make a strong run for him with the pitch of being closer to home. If they lose Milo to another CFL team that will be the biggest blow after he has established himself as a top place Kicker and no longer having punting duties.

The Riders already signed an upside Brett Cameron a Canadian punt specialist and I am sure their will be more Canadians and Imports signed to make a run at either kicking position if needed. The fact that they are willing to go import with one of the kicking spots opens up a lot of other talents.
They definitely need to get the receiving corp in order with a quality replacement for Dressler if need be, will have to lower Simon's salary to do so and also need to bring in some Canadian depth at receiver via free agency. very thin with just Getz, Bagg, and Sisco. Bagg stayed healthy which was good but has been prone to career ending type injuries and Sisco has yet to live up to expectations but could break out this season being his 4th full season with the Riders.
As for running back Sheets is special but the Oline should allow fro garrett or other NFL FA imports to run behind them. Thats how they found sheets. Hybrid returner Sanders began seeing a lot more time as a change up RB to sheets so they are set for the #2 spot.