He looks very intelligent and composed in "his" clip (halfway down the page) from RDS.

AC has some nice things to say (I know, shocking) about both youngsters in the last clip on the page

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Shiltz offers some small hope in a lost season.

Unfortunately with a decimated o-line due to injury it will be very hard to judge his play on Friday. He most likely will be under fire all game.

Two practices and and arosterput together with gun tape and bubble gum. Whatever DATA they get will me mostly meaningless.

Johnny hopes Shiltz does not leave the game on a stretcher. Reed did not want Shiltz to start the game in Regina, because he said it was a hostile environment.

But Reed, will send him to war against a hungry Ticats team on their field, with scrubs on the o-line and only two practices. ::slight_smile:

If only Reed could be consistent in his own bullshit.

In the little we have seen of him he has not had great success but I have noticed how he comfortable he seems in commanding the team, how well they seem to respond to him doing so and how he has (so far) generally made good decisions. I think that is the type of data they are looking for and not completions, yards TDs and INTs.

Fix the offensive line and the coaching and then you can start evaluating players.

I thought Schiltz played sufficiently well in the final Regina game to return next season to compete for a back up position. We'll likely look for a QB in the free agent pool. Masoli appears to own the TiCat QB position although either he or Collaros might be tempted by a Montreal offer. I do hope Schilitz will be paired with another young QB prospect. We do need find and develop as has Wally has demonstrated in Vancouver.

C'est un chemin qui doit être emprunté, maisest-ce que les Alouettes ontle personnel pour tenir la route?

À mon avis, non. Ils n'ontpas les gens pour amener les entraîneurs qui permettraient à ces quarts de se développer, ni pour amener les joueurs qui pourront bien les entourer. Tout commence par là. Jones s'est amené en Saskatchewan avec son personnel. Il a fait passablement table rase de ce qu'il y avait là comme personnel. Il a ensuite modelé une équipe à sa main. La compétence de songroupe lui a permis de faire progresser son équipe. Qui avons-nous ici pour faire progresser l'équipe ou développer un jeune quart-arrière?

LeStaff: Lots of work required with this team for multiple positions, over to the GM and other staff- " its your move Kavis."

I like this guys beer.