I hate back to back games. I hate lopsided schedules where teams play most of their games with each other in the same half of season. I want to see schedules as close as possible to the folloing example for BC

1 - ed
2 - to
3 - sask
4 - ham
5 - cal
6 - mon
7 - ed
8 - wpg
9 - sask
10- to
11- cal
12- ham
13- ed
14- mon
15- sask
16- wpg
17- cal
18- ed

I realize that to be this perfect for every team is impossible, but they dont even try to get close to it.

It really S.U.C.K.S to have to play your closest competitor twice in a short span just when you are at your injury worst. Or they are.

Anything you like about the CFL?
The reason that the schedule is so screwed up it because Ottawa folded weeks before the start of the season and it had to be redone quickly!

It's true though now with the loss of the Gades, all teams end up playing one other six times including back to back in the pre season. All the more reason to bring the Gades back quickly next year and a 10th team shortly thereafter. With 10 teams, simple scheduling of home and away against the remaining nine teams.

that only accounts for this yr. Lopsided shedules and back to back have been the norm for a long time.

Anything I like? As far as the game goes, I like about 95-98% of it. As far as the league office functioning, I like very little.

I agree. Six times is way too much. Ask any real CFL fan who's playing on Labour Day weekend, and the answer is second nature. Everyone knows because these games have marquee value and are eagerly awaited by all sides. But when you end up hosting any team, 3 times, even a rival, some of that value is lost. I see where the league is going with the home and home, but hosting the same team 2 times in 3 weeks is just absurd. How bush league!

I see where the league is going with the home and home
splain it to me please. :?

I see no value

The Labour Day back to back games should be the only ones on the CFL schedule. This year the schedule was hastily made, so its an anomaly rather than the norm. Even if Ottawa doesnt come back , they will have plenty of time to do the schedule the way it should be.

Look no further than Calgary /Edmonton. Labour Day; whole province is watching, stands packed, crazy atmosphere, players play just a little harder that game. Usually a close score regardless of where the teams are in the standings. Huge press coverage; the talk of both towns. Players as well as fans are all amped up.
As a result, the extra 10,000 or so casual CFL fans make sure to buy tickets for the re-match. That equals more money for the team and builds a buzz for the rest of the season.

For the players it s**ks. Imagine having a 15 round bare knuckle brawl with someone, then having to do it all over again the next night.

I dont beleive that more fans go to the games because it is back to back. If so, I have to question those extra fans reasoning.

Take this yr. BCCal second and third last games of the season. Now, of course BC already has major injuries. However, what if BC was 1 or two points in front going into those games. What if those two games were the only two games that DD,JC, and JS were injured. What if that resulted in Cal winning both games by a couple of points and at the end of the yr, got first place by virtue of being 1 or 2 pts ahead, or by winning the tie breaker. That would not be right.

Or what if it was SASK having a late season head to head with a team they were most in competition with and it was the only two games that KJ, KK, and Armstead were out with the same result.

Just not right. IMO

The scheduling is obviously shit this year b/c of the renegades folding and having to assemble an entirely new sched. so quickly. I'm sure the CFL won't have as many back to back games next season. I don't really enjoy them either ('cept for labour day of course!), but whatever, its the way she goes.

.....I think it would be completely right, tough eh?.......keep your men healthy or face the consequences.....

well now, since we already started with major injuries, maybe it will be Calgary's turn by then. so there :stuck_out_tongue: