I need some clarity here regarding the schedule. What is wrong with this league when it comes to schedules? Thursday nights in the summer? I think Edmonton has 5 of them? Are you worried about attendance becuase people may be away for the weekend? or would the league just like to loose money is beer and walk up tickets because everyone has to be at work the following day and will not enjoy the game?

Here is an idea:

Consistent Firday and Saturday night double headers, make those two nights Canadian Footbal nights similar to Sundays for the south. CFL fans will get two nights of football a week and nationwide can watch all of the games with the time differences. Make the east play first (west fans can watch before they make their way to the other game) and the western game second (east fans can go home or to the bar to watch after their game).

It gives consistency in the schedule, fans can enjoy a night out, TSN can still hoard the broadcasting rights.

There is a theory out there (though never confirmed) that the CFL trys to stay away from conflicting with the american football schedule, this will do that (you do not even have to compete with American College football this way).

Something should be done to fix this problem, I have many friends that will not be at games because they are working the next day or work shift work and can not make it.

Just because a game is Thursday night and you work Friday doesn't mean you can't go to the game unless you are from out of town. If you go there just to drink beer and get drunk then go to a bar. Most people such as myself enjoys a couple at a game but at 5 bucks a pop I wouldn't spend anymore at a Friday night game then I would at a Thursday night game.

I understand what you are saying though with so many thursday night games. You will lose younger crowds and most likely the parents of those younger kids. Also like I said, people out of town probably are not willing to make the trip if they have to work Friday.

However TSN has other programs they broadcast on weekends. I'm just guessing this is just how it worked out this year. I'm sure if they could play every Friday and Saturday then they likely would (except labour day and thanksgiving and playoffs of course.)

I probably don't have the best perspective on this topic since I live in Regina and it is no trouble for me to go to games any night of the week even if I do work the next day.

I understand that for some teams, they wanted the Thursday night games in the summer. They feel that people head out of town on the weekend. For other teams, the want weekend games as it allow people to drive into town to watch the game.

The simple fact is that it is a juggling act to meet the different needs.

As for late nights on weekdays, seems to me that it works for the NFL and most other leagues.

Although I think that this years schedule is one of the better ones that the CFL has come out with, I do agree that having games at consistent times would be the best.

I think the only team that has to share it's stadium with another major tenant is Toronto. It shouldn't be too difficult to get 8 Saturday or Friday nights reserved for the Argonauts at Skydome.

They've had Thursday night games for years. Saturday/Sunday games in some cities in the summer are not good draws.

While BC Place does not have another "major" tenant, it does use the space for various other events. I understand that it is inuse for about 250 days a year.

Id rather watch 1 game a night for 4 nights than watch 6 hours for 2 nights. Thats a lot of TV in 1 day.

I feel you BobbP but I like the double header every now and then.... on Sat or Sun tho

The CFL can abandon Sundays until Labour Day if they haven't already. Go Thursday, 2 Friday and Saturday.

Nothing caps a week like a Friday night 2-pack.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the NCAA play their games on Saturday? So the CFL would still conflict with that. Not that that's a problem...

That's actually not bad. A bottle or glass of beer at the bars over here ranges from $4.50-$5.75. lol

But you're right, if you're going there to get drunk, just hit a bar and watch the game on TV.

I honestly see no problem with the schedule. Personally, I love watching football, and it sometimes annoys me how it's not on every night like hockey or basketball. :lol:

Whoever said Thursday, 2 Friday, and Saturday, I agree with that.

I agree with the one Thursday, 2 Friday and Saturday.

Lets face it, how many out East are going to stay up late to watch the second half of a TSN Thursday night doubleheader?

I think 3 of the Esks Thursday night games are the second half of a doubleheader which means the games start at 10 PM in the East. What was the CFL and TSN thinking?