Scheduling, where do I complain?

I was just marking my calendar for the Alouette games this year and am not happy with what I see. I realize there is an uneven number of teams, but the Als get a 15 day break in July, and a 16 day break in September. To make things worse, they play a total of 20 games, but only 7 of them are played on a weekend. Pretty hard for fans, especially those with young kids who have to go to school the next day. Do all teams have such a lousy schedule?

For the most part yes, all teams have relatively the same schedule, with the added inconvenience to Hamilton and Toronto of the Women's World Cup and Pan-Am Games meaning a road-heavy first two months of the campaign.

As for the 15 and 16 day gaps, these are just the bye weeks. Everybody gets 2 of them and they are necessary, not only for the fact that there are an odd number of clubs but also for the health of the players. they need a week off every couple of months.

But I do concur that the schedule is extra weird this season as the league has implemented thursday night football games for TV. Not sure that I like the idea but we'll see how it goes.


They have tried the Thursday night games before. The games on Thur again are basically all pre Labor. There is one post Labor day in Ottawa.
Also Montreal regular home games are scheduled on Thur pre Labor Day and then back to Sunday's 1:00 post Labor Day.
The exception for the Als home games are a TSN Signature friday night football pre Labor day.Post Labor day hosting the Monday Thanksgiving day in OCT.

I would think Thursday or Friday evening games per Labour Day are an easier sell in the eastern cities than weekend games with so many heading out of town for summer weekends. A couple of years ago when the Argos played only 1 or 2 home games pre Labour Day Pinball commented that that was better for his team as they traditionally sold better after Labour Day.

I'm among those and yes, those game nights are very much preferred in Chateau CRF.

I don't know to what degree OSEG might have influenced this, but until Labour Day, all Ottawa home games are Friday, except for the July 4th opener and one game on a Sunday at 4PM (by which we can easily be back). If it's a planned thing by ownership then, once again, well done. :thup:

Every team has two bye weeks because of the 9 team league, so every team is going to have that two week break. This year is one of the most difficult for the schedulers with the World Cup going on in the stadiums in Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver and the Pan Ams in Hamilton and the Rogers Centre.
The debate over weekend vs weekday games has been going on for years, people complain about the weeknight games because they have to work the next day. Then people complain about the weekend games because they go away in the summer. The consensus is summer weeknight games, which includes the Friday night games and the weekend games after Labour Day.

I always sort of wonder when people say you shouldn't schedule weekend games during the summer because 'it is tough to draw a good crowd' because people are doing other things and some (a very small minority) are lucky enough to have cottages that they might be at. Yet here in Southern Ontario look at Blue Jays attendance. During June, July and August every Saturday and Sunday game almost always draws some of their biggest crowds of the year.

Why are they able to draw big crowds on weekends during the summer - and yet some here claim it is not great scheduling for CFL teams including those here in Southern Ontario. I've never really understood that.

I think I understand it at least to some degree. The Blue Jays are different though, a lot of people from out of town need the time to go to Toronto for a game (family in London is a perfect example, Blue Jay fans and that's when they go on the weekends usually. They have never had much if any interest to go to Toronto or Hamilton for the Argos or Cats) and there are way more Blue Jays fans in towns outside of Toronto in S Ontario than CFL fans. Not many people from outside of Toronto are interested in going to watch the CFL in Toronto at any time really IMHO. Or those inside Toronto? :wink: Hopefully BMO will help, we'll see but my guess is it won't be much different, if there are bigger crowds it'll still be mainly a Toronto based crowd.

Baseball is about as dull as watching chess so going to a weekend afternoon Jays game is like going to the beach without the sand. :wink:

Why doesn't Hamilton and Toronto advertise the CFL games, especially in the Summer, in the Niagara Falls tourist brochures?
It isn't that far a drive to either location and I'm sure there are football fans on vacation that would go to see a game, see the area, have a meal, maybe stay overnight.
Two years ago my wife and I met a couple from Germany while roaming the casinos around the Falls and we drove over to watch a game in Toronto, ended up staying the night.

You don't.

Not my thing any longer either dcmoses since I've found the CFL after my father passed away years ago and as a kid took me to a lot of baseball games in Detroit and some in Toronto, he was a huge baseball fan. But CFL is much more interesting for me. My family, well my brother, in London knows not to even ask me to meet them at a Blue Jays game in Toronto.

That's a good question.

Pretty well all our Rider home games are on weekends. People will usually drive in from all over for them.

Unless you're an Argonauts fan you don't really get to complain about the schedule.


The Bomber schedule this year is the best one since I bought season tickets. All the home games are on weekends this year, with only two on Thursdays. In years past almost all the games were on Thursday's which just didn't work for us.

It will be interesting to see the turnout though. Lots of people in Winnipeg go to the lake on the weekends. Its quite noticeable in terms of traffic, lines at the store, etc. The city is just so quiet during the summer ... and I for one love it.

You believe fewer people, ratio wise, in the west go out of town in the summer?

I was thinking primarily of the large urban centres which is all the eastern teams and at least Vancouver out west. Not that people don't head out to the cottage/campground/lake/beach on the weekend, however, unlike in the east or around Vancouver it is much easier to get out/in to town from those cities as the urban sprawl does not stretch near as far out.

Huh? don't know what you are trying to say?
Are you saying that it's easier to leave Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, therefore they don't leave the city on weekends in the summer?
As for the GTA/Hamilton area, have you ever seen the 400 Hwy heading north on a Friday night from May to Sept? i

As life taught me long ago, there are always people who will complain no matter what.

And contrary to popular belief, the volume of complaints is larger when an economy is performing better whether real or imagined.

When it is bad when otherwise fewer folks complain that otherwise are struggling (or almost perpetually drunk, or high, or in the hospital, or homeless, or ill, etc.), but then the complaints at hand are of far more substance and more serious.

And so I will limit myself to occasional complaints about these people complaining about so many petty matters in especially pop culture in seemingly good economic times (heavy argument on that is for an Off Topic thread in the offseason perhaps), but even so it's a mission in vain. :wink: