Scheduling and bedtimes

I was hoping someone would bring this up!

Hard to play ball when your biorhythm shuts your body down in preparation for sleep, etc.


Every road game for the Lions is in another time zone
Home games in Vancouver are tough to schedule
BC Place is booked over 200 days a year and probably every weekend

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True enough but the Lions also have the option of providing dates they want for next season now before other bookings take place.

You’re right....All those years Calvillo and crappy Als never beat western teams.
They also never had the the best record or played in the Grey Cup.
Don’t know what I was thinking.

Don't get me wrong they had a good team during the Calvillo years, some times the best team, but to say they were "far better" than the Lions is a bit of a stretch in all but maybe 1 or 2 years and even then I'm not so sure.

To help refresh your memory, during that stretch the Lions won just as many Grey Cups, had a better record than the Als half the time and a very simular record most other years. The Lions had the best record in the CFL 6 years over that stretch where as Montreal had the best record out right 1 year and shared it with a western opponent 3 others. Most years the Lions tended to win both games in the season series, not just the ones in BC and when they split the Lions more often than not had the advantage in score differential.

But hey if your recollection of the Als being "far better" no worries enjoy your memories, but don't use the timezone as an excuse. The only time I can think that you could use the timezone excuse was during the game in 2005, when I guess Don Mathews wanted to go home early and on what was the penultimate play decided to go for a 2pt conversion rather than kick the single for the tie and go to over time. That didn't pay off and the Als lost.

afternoon games in van are not too popular in town.

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If scheduling can be done whereby all teams have games started no earlier than 12 noon ... and start no later than 8PM for each team's local time zone, that would be great.

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Interesting how many afternoon games I don’t remember seeing against the Al’s in BC. In an earlier post I defended the lions for doing so. I’m no expert, (and maybe you are )on the effects of time change, I was just giving a justified and very common opinion to that point.
You also overstated my meaning by spewing season records...I never said the Als were ALWAYS the far better team...they certainly were for a good number of years.
Don’t get your knickers in a knot when your team is mentioned in a way that you dislike...

My "knickers" are not in any sort of knot. :rofl: My point was in counter that Montreal would have won had it not been for a late start on their body clock. Specifically that during Calvillos career IMHO the Als were never a "far better team", better maybe, but close always, and using the body clock to excuse a result that should have been a fore gone conclusion but went the other way.

Anyways it should be a good game this weekend with two teams that seem to be evenly matched. Just sad that I don't get to see any eastern teams other than Ottawa this year in BC.

To use the time difference as an excuse is weak, I agree. I do think it being a factor, especially for the defence in the third and fourth might not be without merit. And like I said, BC would be fools not to use that.
Any team would do the exact same thing.
I also agree that it should be a good game.
I’ll wish you good luck this weekend.
Not too much though.

Right back at you :beers:

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