Scheduling and bedtimes

I'm disappointed the RedBlacks have to BEGIN their game tonight at 10PM Eastern time. They'll be finishing their game around 1AM Eastern time.

Anyone hear of bio clocks/jet lag?

It's also ridiculous to expect the BC Lions to play a 12 noon kick off in the east which is the same as a 9AM (breakfast) kick off for their bodies.

You can't make this stuff up, folks. These are adults making the schedule and it's suppose to be entertaining with one team being groggy because it's past their bedtime or they're just now getting in their first morning yawn?

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Time zones are real


I'm sure the start of the NFL season is the main culprit for 3 games one after another

The NFL owns Sundays and Monday night on television and even though die hard would rather watch a on a.sunday instead of NFL games...... the broadcast rights and decisions of the network on when they will air cfl games.really leaves only 2 options

3 games one after the other ( although game 1 could start at 10am to.bump back 3 hours)

Or play 2 games at the same time which would limit total.viewres and thus impact add.revenue


lions have been playing lots of 7 pm games throughout the decades. time difference is a fact of life.

suck to have west late games for the east, and to have east early game for the west. we live with it.


The NFL would never schedule a game from the west coast at 10PM est, there is another game coming up from BC at 10:30 est in a couple of weeks.
But this is nothing new for the CFL it's been like that forever

You are right the NFL knows enough to make sure they have a full potential audience when they have a shorter supply of games unlike the NHL , MLB or NBA .

The potential TV audience is reduced for no reason in the CFL .

However Back in the day they did play fall afternoon games in BC either sat or sun at empire .

They could easily do the same .

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but they do schedule games every sunday for 10 am pst.

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I would have enjoyed one of these 3 games tomorrow at 4:30 pm .EST .

Versus 10 pm EST today .


The BC/Ottawa game should have been the first or at the least the 2nd of the 3 game series today. That's a no brainer.

Factually incorrect, my friend.

The NFL has always opened the season with a Monday night doubleheader for the past 15yrs.

I think ideally that the BC-Ottawa game would've been the Friday game, but your point about late scheduling for East teams remains valid.

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when would the other 2 be played then?

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I think Edmonton-Calgary could've been scheduled as a late game.

My ideal schedule, given the Friday-Saturday parameters, would be something like this:

8pm EST start: Saskatchewan at Winnipeg (7pm local start)

2pm EST start: Hamilton at Toronto

5pm EST start: Ottawa at BC (3pm local start)

8pm EST start: Calgary at Edmonton (6pm local start)

Maybe all Saturday games could be shifted up an hour (for 3pm, 6pm, 9pm EST starts). Switching out the Banjo Bowl for Ham-Tor would give all teams in Labour Day rematches equal rest between games.

Yea makes sense. I think Ottawa could've won this game with an afternoon start.

works for me

When they added bye weeks it just ended up that either RB or MTL is gonna play a late late game in BC. If you want to point fingers its really the CFLPA that wanted the bye weeks, and specified how many games apart they need to be.

I feel for you. But for me, I used to PVR the game and get up early to watch it the next morning. When you cut out all the yakking, half time and farting around you can watch a game pretty quickly.

I don't need to do that anymore though. I watched that game and three rugby matches before I got a couple hours sleep. PTSD is a b*tch.

They do it week 1 Monday night every year (at least they have the past few)

I don't see the connection between adding a bye week having to schedule BC games against East opponents as late ones.

I think most working people and athletes find going west to east much tougher than East to West. Bedtimes are much more of a concern by us oldtimers.

Yeah, when I was in my 20s I certainly would've preferred starting work three hours later than usual to starting work three hours earlier than usual.

My main concern with scheduling and bedtimes relates more to the customers than the players. Having East teams games starting at 10pm probably means that a decent sized chunk of their hometown fans will be asleep before the second half starts.

The league and TSN should do all they can to avoid that.

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