I know it was tough to make a schedule this year since Ottawa folded and they tried to keep everyone's home games dates the same as much as possible, but couldn't they have done a better job than this...

Poor Hamilton has byes in week 17 and 20! That's worse than Winnipeg last year who had byes in weeks 15 and 20. Hamilton is going to have played more games than everyone, and with a poor record, could be eliminated from the playoffs early.

BC has a bye in week 11, a game in week 12, and a bye in week 13. 2 byes in 3 weeks! Couldn't they have been spread out a little better? They play 3 games on Aug 18, then Sept 1, then Sept 16. Crazy. They could get rusty.

And Calgary is tied for first now, if they finish first in the west, they would have two consecutive byes, one in week 20, and one in the first week of the playoffs. They would play a game on Oct 21, then not again until Now 5. How do you think they would handle such a huge break if that happens?