Schedule . . .

Is it just me (new subscriber) or is the opening schedule a tad ridiculous. We play Winnipeg 4 of the first 6 games of the season. and, sorry but that could get a bit boring and repetitive. Who was the bright light that dreamt up this mess? Tonight was game 3 of the 4, and we are 3-0-1 against the Bombers so far. Good season? I think we will have to wait for some REAL opposition . .

I found that rather odd as well.

The scheduling is definitely screwed up.

Look at Toronto’s Schedule… like who cares about the argos but that is screwed up

I actually don’t mind it since we’ve got something like 18 new starters on our roster. It will give them a little more experience and then when the real 2nd test comes around on august 6th (at bc place), we’ll see how that practice has worked out. Also, we play 5 home games against western teams and 3 of those are against the 2 teams that we’ll be fighting against for first this year. BC and Saskatchewan. And then 2 out of the 4 that are left we play Montreal and Toronto. Some people may say it’s no big deal but i believe home field advantage can help you out. I think we got it pretty good this year but the only thing I wonder about is why sometimes teams only have 5-6 days to prepare for the next game. I don’t know if thats enough to recover from the previous game. Ex: aug. 20th and 26th, (big games toronto, and montreal) and then 4 days! on sept 5th and 9th (both stamp games) and sept 18th and 24th (sask and bc - Even BIGGER games) Oh well, We’ll still perform : ) Go Esks

does it matter, we play every team the same ammount as every one else…and besides, it’s good to play them now before they gel and become a good opposition

…definately smells like Huey was paying off someone…

thats everyone’s excuse these days…

…it’s been a standard one since about '79… :smiley:

Every team has crappy parts of the schedule.

I like the fact that the Eskimos play Winnipeg, Ottawa, and Hamilton next.

It is lopsided for sure but look at it this way. We play Calgary, Sask and the Lions twice in the last four. If there are any playoff races underway it will add to the excitement a lot. I think it is better to be playing division rivals at the end of the year in that situation.