Seeing as the schedule came out on the 14th of December last year, is there any chance that the 2019 schedule is released this week?


I would be a bit surprised if it wasn’t out before Christmas anyways

ambrosie was pretty clear he wants it out early…i believe his intent is to have it out before most ST discounts end

We’re working towards a December release; it’s never quite a sure thing because of the many variables involved (team preferences, stadium availabilities, taking TSN’s preferences into account).

The goal will for now on always be to release as early after the previous season ends as possible.

Before Xmas would be a nice early Xmas present, then I can start planning V around the home games. 8)

Announcing will help Season Ticket sales.

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Sounds like the #CFL will be releasing its 2019 schedule at 10am Edmonton time. #Eskimos

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CFL game being played in Atlantic Canada in 2019 will be a regular season. #CFL #Schooners

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Hearing the CFL will today announce a game to be played in Atlantic Canada during the 2019 season. Could be Halifax, Moncton or Antigonish. #Schooners

CFL to release 2019 schedule

The Canadian Football League will unveil the 2019 schedule at noon eastern time Thursday.
For the first time ever the CFL announced the schedule in December last year and that is the case again.
The schedule shouldfollowthe same template from 2018 which had 21 weeks and three bye weeks for each team.
Week 1 features the Winnipeg Blue Bombers traveling to the west coast for a matchup against the new look B.C. Lions.

2019 schedule

Just saw the schedule it looks like only 1 Sunday reg season game . DAMN IT !!!..Why give in to that f****ING NFL

^This plus no games on thanksgiving’s monday

Just saw this fun promo for the Argos schedule:

Love that the schedule is out early! Touchdown Atlantic Returns!

Surprised to see only 3 games on labour day weekend. CFL giving up trying to have Montreal or Ottawa host?

Weekday double headers only have 2.5 hours between game time. looks like a joined in progress situation. Should be taking lessons from NFL, which seems to have added 15min to 30 minutes between back to back games.

Ok with the 3 games on Saturday for a few weeks, major mistake going up against HNIC though. CFL in past has done better against NFL.And hurts any chance of Usports football game promotions.Triple header would be better on Sunday’s. Traditional Football day, and people seem to be less busy and less people working. At least that is what goes on in my circle.

2 Sunday games in regular season game is just wrong. There should be 1 late afternoon game each week minimum.
Touchdown Atlantic returns for the only Sunday game other than SKvsWpg Labour Day game.
Have to agree that the cfl should not have to bend a knee to a foreign league. Another schedule written up by TSN. I wonder if the CFL even has a schedule maker anymore or if they just hand over to TSN to make it?

July 1st game in Regina. Why not an afternoon game. (See previous comment for probable reason)

Ok, got my whining out.
Now, just looking forward to next season. Barring CBA issues. (couldn’t help it)

I tough super saturdays were not quite good for ratings, but it seems it’s not CFL’s opinion because we will have five of these.

At least playoffs are still in November and on sundays

Couldn’t agree more.
Our ratings going head to head with the No Funners are equal to and or better.
This has all of the markings of TSN dictating and especially as they have now lost and not to bring up another topic, but the EPL coverage.
As much as TSN has helped, it has in my opinion also hindered the league for not paying proper market value of the TV contract not to also mention keeping the league “down” on the cable outlet only when the mother CTV network should have been involved.
It’s the old one step forward, while 2 going backwards.
I hope this is corrected during the next contract.

The Cats only have two home games for the entire months of August and September. (6 road games over those two months)

They are home August 10th to BC and Labour Day (back at 1:00PM ET) against the Argos. Then not home again until October 4th.

It does mean they get 3 of their last 4 games at home but I wouldn’t mind at least one more home game through August and September being at home.

The Argos have all evening regular season games with only one afternoon start a Saturday at the end of October at 4 pm.
3 each on Fridays and Saturdays, with 1 on Thursday.
We lose the Atlantic game at the end of August at 6:30.
The “best” is the Thursday 11 am pre season game for the kiddies, boy they should fill up the stadium for free with the school kids.

All the Saturday games are going to mean I won’t watch much after Labor Day unless the weather absolutely sucks.

So now that there are no head to heads against the NFL, if attendance and ratings don’t go up by 10%, can we try something else and go back to playing on Sunday. It’s just the right time for football. CFL style.

More Sunday games, That’s the only way , 2 p.m.

Undoubtedly because TSN wants it that way … the TV deal almost covers the salary cap cost.

I’m hoping that a lot of these choices are just trial runs before the Schooners enter the league and TSN’s contract is up. While I love the idea of consistent scheduling with 7pm start times for 20 out of 21 weeks, the GLARING omission is the Labour Day Classic missing for Ottawa and Montreal. That should have been one of those Saturday games. We have triple header Saturdays five times, but couldn’t place a single game on the Labour Day Weekend’s Saturday?

And no Thanksgiving game is gut-wrenching. It’s the first time in League history this has happened. It may not be as big of a staple as Labour Day, but it’s still tradition.

Having double header Thursdays is too much for a weeknight. Having them overlap both times is even crazier.

Week 2 features only three games. Why?? That kills a lot of momentum and excitement when three teams take an early break. If the league is so concerned with matching up against the NFL, move the that bye to the Fall.

And if the league is serious about an Atlantic team, they should stop scheduling so many 11pm Atlantic Daylight Time games. There are 10 regular season games that start at that time. The NFL, by contrast, has ONE game out of 256 start later than 9:30pm ADT (the week one second Monday Nighter).

On the plus side it looks like the bye weeks are pretty evenly spaced out for each team, as opposed to BC getting them all early in 2018 and the Blue Bombers getting them pretty late.

Beyond that, you guys have said the rest. The league needs to get another broadcasting partner.

I’m ok with the new schedule. All the dates suit me just fine. I also really like the way marketing is going with the CFL of late — there are no long periods of little activity, and releasing the schedule early keeps the CFL in the news and generates buzz. If there can be a big event or announcement at least every month it will help keep marketing momentum. Next up the announcement in the new year where the Atlantic game will be played, followed by the combine?