AHHHHH - I am so sick of the CFL (or is TSN) jumping games all over the place. Start of the season games on Thursday, then for 80% of the season they are Friday and Saturday and of course they just had to throw a game in yesterday which I missed. How stupid to think they would keep on the Friday/Saturday schedule. The one game I didn't want to miss and I did and by the score I would say our defense did a wonderful job stopping the deep ball again.

Really getting tired of missing these jumped games..some one needs a smack up side the head :thdn: :thdn:

They will be replaying it on the Comedy Channel.... :lol:

Yeah. Its Rogers. They give so few dates available for the Argo's that it makes it necessary to occasionally have a game out of the normal schedule of things. Its not the CFL or TSN that made them schedule the game for last night.

As Steve Hayman, "dictator" of the Argonotes, noted in a tweet, yesterday's game ensured that the Argos hit for the cycle this season -- at least one home game on every single day of the week. Something that has probably never happened before in the history of any professional football league. We can thank our friends at Rogers for this, not the league or TSN.

Rogers, of course. Apologies to the CFL and TSN and U SUCK to Rogers. I wish my PVR could be set to record the games automatically but it can't, although it will record 50 "new" episodes of Mythbusters in a single week.

I don't understand; clearly you are online, so why not just look up when the game was on? The league played seven Thursday games this year and Hamilton played in four of them. Don't know why this is anyone's fault but your own. Sucks that you missed the game, but it is pretty silly to assume when a game will be on when a simple click of a mouse could give you the information you desire in a matter of seconds.

I was wondering the same

The NFL started Thursday night games a few years ago and the ratings are great.

So hard to believe, I had to double check it. It's true -- they had a regular season home game on every day of the week, except Tuesday which was the day of their home pre-season game. Scheduling is another reason why this Ti-Cat season was so disappointing to me. The team has likely never had a better schedule and may never again have one as good. They had less than a full 7 days between games only 3 times. Once their opponent was playing on a even shorter week, once it was equal, and just once did a short week opponent have an extra day to prepare.

Since the NFL has found that their evening games attract good TV audiences = more bucks from TV, and since major networks are running out of ideas for new shows, hence the plethora of "reality" shows, it won't be long before there is an NFL game every night of the week. Far cheaper than e.g. "Friends" where each of the 6 stars was receiving $1 million per episode in its last season.