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Right on, good work. And no Riders games conflict with my wedding so I guess I can go to that now, I was a little worried.

Thanks CFL PM... How many years in a row now, has Saskatchewan played @ BC Place on the very last day of the schedule?

Everyone, make no plans for July the 20th cause your gonna see the Eskies go down in flames as DD rips them apart!!! :lol:

As long as Wally has upgraded the O-line and some defenders haven't already ripped DD apart by then! true true....hows the search for o line guys going....are there a few the lions could be interested in the fa. market... :?:

this season will make 2…thats it…the 2 played in sask to close the season in 2004. closed the season in bc place in 2005 and again in 2006.

2003, sask played winnipeg to close the season.

Thanks DG…Seemed longer than that. Seems we always finish against Sask.

...I see better things in the Bomber sched... nice to see we don't have many of those ' no-time -to rest 5 day deals.. still have a break at the END of the year. though...maybe we can use it this year to rest for playoffs....big up-grade from 05...opener should be a good one against better be ready red.... :wink:

I was thinking the same thing sportsmen.... maybe it's just the way things seem to happen too quickly at times, or too slowly at times. I remember back in school, in Sept it seemed like it was forever before finals in December, but lo and behold, when it was time for finals I thought, where did the time go?

I think it'd be a better game to finish in Regina, where the weather can definitely make for an unpredictable game. Maybe that's just cause it would probably benefit the riders more..... who can say? :slight_smile:

Argos comments:

Keith Pelley, President and CEO, is thrilled with the 2006 schedule. “Attendance at Argo games in 2005 jumped 17% to over 30,000 fans per game, despite many weekday games. We can’t wait to welcome our fans in 2006 as we have given them what they have asked for – all weekend and holiday games. On behalf of the Argonauts organization, I would like to thank the staff at Rogers Centre for helping us secure our best home schedule in years.�

Head Coach of the Argos, Michael “Pinball� Clemons, addressed Argo fans, “Your summer and fall social calendar is officially set. Yes, that’s right, the 2006 Toronto Argonauts schedule is here. With you in mind, every home date is either on a weekend or holiday and that is the same spirit we want you to bring to the games. Right now, we are working to be better than last year. How do you improve upon first place in the East? It’s obvious – a Grey Cup victory is the only way and you, our 13th man, are the biggest part of that. The energy and excitement that was created in the building with record attendance and over 44,000 screaming fans at the East Championship has quickly made us the hottest ticket in town.�

Look like it Mtl's turn to get a bad schedule.
3 Games with 5 days rest
1 game with 4

Oh, we will get the o lineman. If we don't we are SCREWED! Wally is usually a smart guy, I am sure we will be fine.
Now that the winer is gone, the Lions will go 18 and 0 :shock:

I hope they find a way so that ALL games are televised this year. Dont NOT televise 5 games out of 72 or whatever it is. If you can do 67 of them, you can find a way to do the whole 72.

(Feel free to correct me on this '72' number....)

Nothing worse than watching highlights from the non-televised games....looks amateur!

From an Argo fan's perspecitve....

7 Saturday Games, 1 Friday Night and Thanksgiving Monday. I can't frickin' believe it!

81 games

of games = # of teams * (# of games per team per year/2)

Watch for cal. vs. edm during the last week of the regular season. I bet there will be huge playoff implications involved. Really excited for week 4 at commonwealth, ray vs. maas!

imagine how big that game could be if both teams go in

Excellent schedule the best since recent memory for us Argo fans. I'll go on the record now to say we will average 40,000, with hopefully a sellout in the Eastern Final.
As for the TV part, a few weeks ago I read how all but one league game will be televised. The discussion was on video replay. Hopefully they will pick up the lone game and especially since record TV# for the networks will continue again. How about a per game average of 450,000+(up from 395,000) for TSN and 500,000+ (up from 450,000) for CBC. With still 07 to come and a new TV contract for 08, we have been saying how a minimum or starting the negotiations should be at $20M - $25M per year. The sky is the limit, ya baby.

I'd like to see the esks break an avg. of 45,000 a game this year.