I hope they do a better job with the scheduling next season.

This season, we finish with back to back games against Toronto. The Argos are likely to finish third in the east, and lose to Hamilton in the eastern semifinal. Not guaranteed mind you, but likely I'd say.

But. . .

If, say, the Argos were a lot stronger than they are, and were to finish in second, and won the eastern semifinal, then we'd meet them again in the eastern final.

So that would mean three games in a row against the same team. They really should try to avoid teams in the same division playing each other back to back to end a season. . . because the same 2 teams may end up playing each other in a playoff game, which makes three games in a row with the same opponent.

I certainly agree. At the other end of the spectrum, we Bombers played Hamilton what, four times in the first six weeks? Not that playing them now would do us any good :roll: but what if we were jostling with them for playoff positions? Surely we ought to have had at least one out of four meetings in the second half of the season. Is this the most bizarre schedule ever?

Les Alouettes ont eu un calendrier étrange cette saison, et il finit étrangement. J'imagine que ce sera différent la saison prochaine. Les calendriers se suivent et ne se ressemblent pas.