what is with all these thursday and friday home games this year???

i usually make it out to 5 games a year, but this year it looks like only 2....this sux

i get off work at 4:30 in hamilton...i gotta go home to brantford ( usually get home around 5:30 cuz of traffic ), get cleaned up then head to toronto...theres no chance i make it there for 7:30 on a thursday or friday nite.

this blows.

looks like im stuck watching the ticats get beat-up over and over.

how do u count to 10 in hamilton?....0-1, 0-2, 0-3....etc

Bring a knapsack to work with a change of clothes and whatever else u need to get cleaned up.

id still need a a game would finish at 10:30...i'd get home around 12 and have to be up at 5:30am friday morning....not happening.

why did the argos feel it was best to play games on thursday and friday nites?...people from out of town can't make it to those imagine people who LIVE in toronto would have to make it straight after work with all the toronto traffic.

The story I hear is because of poor attendance for weekend games during the summer (people going away to the cottage, et al), the Argos decided to book Thursday and Friday night home games before Labour Day. The only exception being the October 12th game against Montréal, but my guess, that'll be the night they hold "Wendy's Kick For A Million III."

my guess is the argo attendance will stay where it has been the last 2 years or drop below last year.

I had to cancel my season tickets because of the schedule this year. I too work and live in the Niagara Pennisula. By the time I am done work and cleaned up, there's no way I can fight traffic, sometimes 2 hours, to get to Toronto, find parking, walk to the dome and be in my seat for 7:30, never mind the opener at 6:30!

I was very disapointed in the schedule, we will see how things turn out, but for a team that needs as many fans as possible, they really alienated us 905ers. I will be there with the big crowds in the fall, but my summer will be in front of the TV, not stuck on the QEW.