Schedule scheduled to come out Feb.20

This according to the RedBlacks rep. I talked to today.

The schedule could come out immediately following the MLS schedule if it wasn't for Toronto. The Whitecaps probably are considered prime tenants at BC Place because they pay more because of more events... If Braley continues to run the Lions into the ground , there will be no point in opening the upper deck, so the rent will be even less per game because the Lions will not require the false ceiling installed.

We should probably "sticky" this topic to avoid the usual bunch of "does anyone know when the schedule is coming out?" threads. Although...

  1. A lot can hapen in 3 weeks to derail it anyway, so it wouldn't surprise me if we waited longer. As much as I love OSEG, they had a tendency to suggest general dates for announcements which ended up not happening until weeks or months later (name selection, jersey reveal, etc.). I know the schedule isn't their doing, but they may be speaking prematurely.

  2. Isn't February 20th significantly earlier than usual? It sure feels like it.

Hope it's true though. Would certainly help with vacation planning. :thup:

Last year it was released on February 12th

[url=] ... e-unveiled[/url]

Year before was March 5th, so maybe it was delayed for some reason, but I actually thought it was later than that still, usually. Must just feel that way from people asking where it is constantly.

I should probably look at keeping my Tuesday nights clear throughout the summer!

And of course, there's the annual Argo tour of Canada where they play 5 games in a row on the road (followed by 4 straight games at home).

F'ing Rogers. :x

Sad, but very true :expressionless:

Possibly sooner. These were posted February 2:

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I'm surprised it hasn't been m,entioned yet (that I've seen), but the schedule is supposed to come out today.

noon eastern time

On the CFL site it says they will release the schedule as soon as they hit 10,000 tweets. They are around 2500 now.

I can defend the league on a lot things, but they are getting embarrassed by this situation. SN reporter leaking the schedule while they run a bad social media campaign...

And here is what is being leaked so far.

Season ends with Winnipeg-Toronto on Nov 6, Hamilton-Ottawa and Calgary-BC on Nov. 7 and Saskatchewan-Montreal on Nov. 8.

Week 1 at Montreal; Home opener July 4 vs. BC Lions. #CFL #CFLSchedule RT @lordele: @ArashMadani need some ottawa details sir!

Re-match of Grey Cup 101 will go Sunday, July 26 in Regina when the Ti-Cats visit the Roughriders. #CFL #CFLSchedule

Per #CFL sources: The Hall of Fame game will be Aug. 27 in Saskatchewan. Another Stamps-Riders rivalry game. #CFL

Labour Day will be restored in Southern Ontario: Argos and Ti-Cats to meet at Tim Hortons Field at 1 pm on Monday, Sept 7. #CFL #CFLSchedule

Arash Madani @ArashMadani · 29m 29 minutes ago
From what I’ve been told, the #Argos “home opener? will be played in Fort McMurray, Alberta on June 27.
Per #CFL sources: Week 1 is Ottawa-Montreal June 25, Hamilton-Calgary on June 26 and June 27 is Edm-Tor (in Fort McMurray) then Wpg-Sask.

Per #CFL sources: Winnipeg vs. Toronto (pre-season) at Varsity stadium on June 9... Montreal vs. Ottawa pre-season at Laval on June 13.

Also told that the BC Lions have a bye in Week 1 of the #CFL season. Good news for Jeff Tedford — gets an extra week of prep in year 1.

The schedule should be released,no matter the number of tweets.

Who had this dumb idea? Release it or forget it!


2/3 of the way there as they are approaching the 7000 tweet mark. This is a bit of a debacle and the comments critical of the league being scooped by a Sportsnet reporter are pretty damning on twitter. But I guess any publicity is better than none.

I'm sure it looked good on paper. You're reaching everyone that follows the 10,000 who are voting.

However, since I have an account that's mostly just my football stuff, my timeline will be dominated by people's votes all day. And of course, they're just preaching to the choir anyway, since probably the bulk of my followers are football people who follow the CFL anyway.

Ah well.

600 to go. Come on all you Tweety birds - get tweeting! lol

I've tweeted from two separate accounts. One to people who don't need the promotion, one to people who couldn't possibly care any less.

My work here is done. 8)

10000 tweets later - here is the schedule


Just went to Twitter to tweet but done deal. Cool method! :thup: