Schedule Release

I know this gets mentioned every year, but I'm going to say it again. I know team employees read these forums, and I'd love for them to know that I'm upset about this.

Why the heck does it take the CFL so long to put together a schedule. It's absolutely ridiculous. I know everyone always pushes the blame towards TSN, and stadium conflicts, but come on. The majority of CFL teams are the primary tenant at their stadiums. They only play 9 home games. Every other league has had its schedule together for months now, so TSN should be fairly set on the times/dates they want. If you've got to shift start times around by a few hours before the season stars, that's fine. But release something. It shouldn't be that hard.

They have to take into account when the referees' optometrists appointments are. :lol:

No, I don't think so because last year was clear that the Officials weren't going to their optometrist appointments. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the laughs guys!!!

Toronto and Vancouver both share a stadium with the soccer team and they have to wait for the MLS schedule to come out. They can't make a schedule until they find out when the soccer teams are playing.
Besides if you look back over the last 5 years the CFL schedule has never come out before the end of Feb.

The actual CFL Schedule release dates for the past 5 seasons: Feb. 18/16, Feb. 13/15, Feb. 12/14, Mar. 5/13, Feb. 17/12

I know that. The MLS schedule has been out for a month now.

Actually three weeks, to the day.
(And, it’s taken just two weeks, to the day, for the use of alternate facts to move from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to this thread.) :wink:

Thanks for the correction :slight_smile:.

Regardless, it take the CFL way too long to figure this stuff out. The MLS schedule was released to the public three weeks ago, but I'd guess that people at BMO Field and BC Place have had a rough idea of what weekends would be free for CFL games quite some time.

It's a pain being a season ticket holder and trying to make vacation plans without knowing when games will be.

Courtesy of FenderGuy69, here is the previous seasons schedule release dates. :thup:

Wow! Grover, you are certainly organized! Simpsons' fans know that Lisa is the brains of the family and like her, you make a lot of graphs and charts. I, on the other hand, am like Homer. My intellect depends on how many crayons that I stuff into my skull. :lol: :lol:

Thanks for all of your posts.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Hey Pat, I couldn't make a Graph or Chart if my life depended on it. :lol:
This chart is from our very own Fenderguy69, and he is the God of Charts and Graphs! :rockin:

I found this while surfing the net, The Schedule should be coming soon as it is titled 2017 FINAL at the top.

That's because their season starts 45 minutes after the end of their championship game...

The release dates traditionally have been fine for me. February is such a slow CFL news month, and just a plain crap month as I recall in Canada. This is especially true for football lovers after the Super Bowl when the trolls come out to drown out the crickets. It's a long three months between February and the end of April when it's relatively quiet on all football fronts. We've got our Rugby (called footy here) going full steam here in NZ during those months; but for me it's just a diversion till the "real" football starts. :rockin:

So what big difference does it make if schedule is out in Feb or in Mar? Seriously?

Vacation planning, for one...

Yep. Vacation planning. In an ideal world we'd know the schedule before having to put down money to renew season tickets. I'd be happy with a January release though.

Marshall Ferguson ?@TSN_Marsh 15m15 minutes ago
Hearing the #CFL schedule is coming out tomorrow!

Here it is

Bye weeks, week 2 and week 10

1st home game, week 4 vrs BC