Schedule Proposal

I have a proposal that I think could add more tradition to the schedule.

For week 1 start with a Grey Cup rematch, then have the division runner ups play, then the semi-final losers, then the teams that missed the playoffs.
For Thanksgiving weekend do the same, but with the order of the games reversed.

Seems to me it would give the league a lot more marketing potential, and would give fans more reason to look forward to these two weeks.

...not a bad proposal to start the year with, but I'm not convinced there is any relevance with the Thanksgiving Day weekend

I just thought it was a good game to have (Grey Cup three-match) for the thanksgiving day classic

July 1st- Ticats @ Bombers or Bombers @ Ticats
Labour day - Argos @ Ticats this is a must, grey cup in Toronto, Ray vs. Burris, and one of the best rivalries in sports

I agree with this. Any CFL season rarely resemble the one before it.

I like the idea of starting the season based on the results of the previous year, but I'm wary of having too many fixed match-ups. We already have the Labour Day weekend games and the follow-up games a week later. If you fix the opening week and the Thanksgiving matches too, that's more than 20% of the regular season already decided. With the potential for scheduling conflicts at some venues (Skydome in particular), that might mean giving up too much flexibility.

Agreed with R&W, the Beast, and PiCat ...set things up for the first weekend of games and for Labour Day weekend with the re-matches days later, but leave the rest to be determined.

...GoRiders, would you propose that the western and eastern teams that made the playoffs but failed to reach the GC play each other? or the crossover? eastern 2nd vs. western 2nd, that kind of thing? ...personally I'd keep it regional, to help with time zones, but curious to know what you had in mind...

If this was implemented this year it would be

BC vs Wpg
Ham vs Edm
Mtl vs Cgy
Sask vs Tor

Since everybody has to play everybody twice regardless, I was thinking it would be good to get people interested in the season if the first game was close, and I also think it could be a good season opening tradition.

...that's a good plan, and I think could form the basis of a great tradition

...recall, the sask/mtl game after the 13th man episode resulted in one of the best opening day games ever..

Oh that game was one of the best football games I have ever seen in any league for that matter!

I couldn’t believe it. Who does not remember exactly where they were when that game was on?

It was also the debut of the CFL on the NFL Network and a smash hit for a few new fans down here who are telling a few more of their friends each year.

I’ll drink to more games like that one as well as expansion of the CFL to 10 teams so we can have games at least three days a week all season long!

I would rather it be

Grey cup teams - east vs west
Semifinal teams - east2nd vs east3rd, west2nd vs west3rd
Non playoff teams - east vs west

So this year would look like


And not again on thanksgiving

I think that is better too now that you mention it.

However I still like doing it again for thanksgiving. To me it just sounds like it would be great to have the Grey Cup rematches on Canada Day and Thanksgiving day. Not to mention the two early favourites would get to meet at the beginning and near then end

Na. It should be whatever fits.

I think the bango-bowl should be moved to thanksgiving weekend.

The thing I would like to see, is the last 2 or 3 weeks of the schedule left open... so that if two team are battling it out for a playoff spot could play each other for that spot... or is 1st place is on the line then those two teams could battle it out... I would like to see this for all pro leagues.. not just the CFL...

...isn't that called 'the playoffs'? :lol:

NO.... because say if Edmonton and Sask played each other last two weeks of the season, with the loser missing the playoffs entirely... or they played for 1st place in the division... in the regular season.

With only a limited amount of combinations left, there is only so many ways to schedule 7 other opponents.
Therein is the rub and dare I say we need more teams to get rid of the boring 5+ games involving some teams when factoring in the preseason, the regurlar and playoffs.

You got er Pontiac...Labor Day Classic Argos Ticats!!!

Good point but pleaaaaaaaassssssseee dont turn this into an expansion thread :slight_smile: