Schedule Out

Reported that 12 et schedule coming out.
I hear that it will be Hamilton at Saskatchewan on July 1. Could be a gooder.

That would be awesome, personally I love when SSK comes to Hamilton the most out of any team including Toronto just because of the mass following that you see at Ivor Wynne.It's pretty much 50/50, and they aren't annoying and disrespectful like BC fans who come tend to be.

Guess we go to Tigertown to open the season. Wish it was the other way around!

Just got this e-mail:

The road to the 100th Grey Cup starts on a Canada Day weekend packed with compelling story lines.

Henry Burris takes the controls of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats against the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the defending champion British Columbia Lions host Winnipeg in a rematch of the 99th Grey Cup, Ricky Ray debuts as the Toronto Argonauts quarterback against his former Edmonton Eskimo teammates, and one of the league's young guns faces one of its all-time greats when Drew Tate and the Calgary Stampeders host Anthony Calvillo's Montreal Alouettes.

And those four games - to be played as the Canadian Football League celebrates RONA Canada Day Kickoff Weekend from June 29 through July 1 - are literally just for openers.

The entire 2012 CFL schedule, released today, is full of highlights:

The 2012 season kicks off in Hamilton with Tiger-Cat Andy Fantuz facing his former team the Saskatchewan Roughriders.
The Argos with new head coach Scott Milanovich play their home opener against Calgary on July 7.
The traditional Labour Day Classic returns to Hamilton as the Tiger-Cats host the Argos on September 3, with Edmonton at Calgary, Winnipeg at Saskatchewan, and B.C. at Montreal rounding out Scotiabank Labour Day Weekend.
Tiger-Cats quarterback Henry Burris faces his former Calgary Stampeder teammates on August 9 in Hamilton.
Saskatchewan Roughrider fans welcome new head coach Corey Chamblin at the Riders' home opener July 8.
The defending Grey Cup Champion British Columbia Lions, led by new head coach Mike Benevides, open with back-to-back home games, against Winnipeg June 29 and Hamilton on July 6 - giving Geroy Simon, who is just 66 yards short of the all-time CFL receiving record, an opportunity to make history at BC Place.
The Alouettes, looking to regain top spot in the East, open their home schedule with a game against the defending divisional champion Blue Bombers on July 6.
The final regular season game ever at venerable Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton will occur on October 27, when the Tiger-Cats host the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
Divisional match-ups abound on the final weekend of the regular season, November 1 to 3, with the Tiger-Cats in Toronto, Calgary in Edmonton, Montreal in Winnipeg and Saskatchewan in British Columbia.

All CFL games in 2012, including the 100th Grey Cup, will be broadcast on TSN, Canada's sports leader. RDS, Canada's number one French language sports network, will broadcast over 40 CFL games on RDS and RDS2, including all the Alouettes' games, the playoffs and the 100th Grey Cup game on RDS.

Of course, the biggest highlight of the 2012 season arrives on Sunday, November 25, with the playing of the 100th Grey Cup game. It will cap a tremendous 100th Grey Cup Festival in Toronto, and a country-wide celebration of the 100th Grey Cup that will last all season long.

"We have so much planned for this year, to celebrate the true Canadian icon that is the Grey Cup, and share this historic milestone with our fellow Canadians," said CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon.

"It's a wonderful opportunity to celebrate something that is uniquely ours, to celebrate how the Grey Cup has always brought us together as Canadians, and to celebrate simply being Canadian," he said.

"It all starts with our game, and the drive of every CFL team to capture the Grey Cup. That's why we're so proud and excited to release our schedule for 2012. This is going to be a very special and historic year."

Click here to view the entire schedule:

Season ticket packages for all CFL teams are on sale now. Visit for more details, or contact your local club. Single game tickets go on sale June 1st.

its past 12

Here’s the news release,

and here’s the schedule,

is pre season not on TV?

Kind of a weak schedule in my opinion.

From a fan of the Riders perspective that is, haven't looked at anything else.

0 Friday night home games, only 2 total, only 1 night home game, and only 4 total.

Makes it hard to go to the lake for the afternoon and then drive to the game. Wish they had more night games. They are fun. And I do like watching the Riders on Friday night. That seems the weirdest to me.

Edit, My mistake, They play one friday game, the first against Hamilton
Edit again. I shouldn't listen to my friend. There are a couple friday games, just 0 at home.

I like it.

from a Rider fan

I get to see my team twice in Edmonton! :slight_smile:

as far as games IN Edmonton

there are 4 games that I definitely WANT to see

the two vs Saskatchewan, the Montreal game and the Labour day rematch.

the rest depend on how the visiting team is doing...

It doesn't mention whether we Americans will be able to watch on any games this year. I hope they don't wait until the last minute to get a USA broadcast deal done.

Great to see the League restored the tradition of starting the season off with a Grey Cup re-match. That game was really gaining some traction in the marketplace and to skip it last year was just foolish. Along those same lines, great to see that Labour Day will return back to normal and we can all just pretend last year never happened.

Glad to see Rogers is being consistent with the screwing over of the Argos. Their home schedule includes home dates on Wednesdays and Mondays :roll: :roll: :x of all days...crowds of 15,000 or less for those games. :x

To be fair to that one, it will be on Thanksgiving Monday, and it is against the Riders which should help. I don't think this had anything to do with Rogers, I think the CFL wanted them to play that day.

oh wow.. here I thought thanksgiving was on Oct 15th.. oops !

I checked out the Esks schedule, and it looks good. Bunch of Friday games, no back-to-backs (excluding LD). The only thing I don't like is the two early Saturday games, but there isn't much you can do about that.

Toronto's schedule is brutal. The one Monday game is Thanksgiving, so there's no problem there. However, they also have Monday games on August 6 and 27. Add the Wednesday game. Plus the August 6 game is during a bye week, so we've a game on Friday, nothing on Saturday and Sunday, and then a game on Monday. WTF? Terrible schedule for Toronto. Good luck rebuiding the fanbase with that. :thdn:

The Argos so need a home they can call their own. Even Hamilton has one, and a soon to be better one at that.

This is an excellent schedule for TV, we should see a ratings increase with the games often spread out over 4 days. Not sure how this will effect the ticket sales (with Thurs. night games), but most of the traditional match-ups have been retained. :thup:

I don't know if anyone noticed that RDS2 will be broadcasting games in french for teams aside from the Alouettes. That's new for this season.

Labour day will have each team play a home and home, which is also new for this year (I think the last time was 2007 or 2008).

I think overall the schedule is a lot better in terms of the spacing of the games and should lead to an increase in tv viewership....Now only a bit over 4 months before training camps open...

It sucks but I am not optimistic on a US broadcast deal either; however, I am optimistic on watching the games.

Do not panic though, as almost always with some hacking away one of us can find a decent link online and post it in the game thread just as I did sometimes last season.

If you have ESPN 3 and/or if you have access to the NFL Network you are covered for most games.

If the game is not on ESPN 3 but is on the NFL Network there are no problems online as is the case when you can find the actual TSN feed via a gracious re-transmitter.

The only games I have been missing is when they are on that crap ESPN 3 yet they are not re-transmitted by one of our countrymen, or when they are not on any US network and also not re-transmitted by anyone watching the actual TSN feed.

The feed of course is always the original TSN feed no matter what network you are watching in English, but the difference is US commercials whether on ESPN 3 or on the NFL Network.

And if you are tired of the likes of RONA and Wendy’s, well our commercials during the CFL games are worse I assure you let alone more repetitive (i.e. Jim Beam Red Stag).

Best of all of course is when someone re-transmits the actual TSN broadcast.

Also if you can rig things to get an Canadian IP address, as is something I might have to do if I have a harder time this year, you can watch the Friday night games on TSN.

Well Monday night CFL is okay by me on any Monday night, but Wednesday definitely is odd.

Even so, is really any day a bad day for a game to be on at night?

Maybe it's Tuesday for my work schedule but we don't have that problem.