Schedule opinions, anyone?

Saturdays work very badly for me, so only getting two home games on that day is nice. And it seems like the last one will be a non-factor anyway.

Playing Winnipeg and Hamilton back to back each to close the season is a little weird though. And three home-and-away series over all is a little weak. Overall though, I like it. :thup:

What's with the 4:00pm and 6:00 pm games ? I find those and the 3:00pm start times very awkward to get to the stadium. The good thing is at least those games aren't on a Friday night like the 6:00pm friday night Halloween game last season. We had to rush like crazy from work and home to get to the stadium and missed the opening kick-off. I'm assuming it's probably because ofthe TV schedule. I used to love the Thursday night games at 7:30 pm and the 2 pm Saturday and Sunday afternoon games the Rough Riders used to have. Especially on those beautiful fall afternoons. I wish the RedBlacks would get away from the Fridays. They just don't seem like normal football nights to me, although I understand why they have them on Fridays. Anybody else agree or am I just too old ? :slight_smile:

Since I fell into that 50+ poll earlier, and my kids are on their own now, the schedule is pretty good for me. Plus being self employed, it allows me to more flexible to get to the park early most games. But like ORR said, I too liked the 2:00 pm on weekends. Great football weather and as kids, we saw more games. As for the Thursday night game ???


Driving from Kingston (2 hr. drive), weekend games work for me. Thursday game maybe iffy.

I used to call bull#### on the claims that weekend games were a hard sell because everyone was out at the cottage. Well…I’m one of those people now and while I don’t miss games to go to the cottage, the Thursday games and late Sunday games make it much easier to fit those trips in. But then I have to work the next day (in theory :wink: )

Friday’s OK, but I’m usually pretty wrecked the morning after a game** so leaving early Saturday can be a little rough.

**Not from drinking. I guess the constant screaming. Plus I can’t sleep when I get home. It ain’t an easy life being an Ottawa fan. :lol:

My only gripe, is that Ottawa isn't playing Montreal on Labour day weekend.
How could they mess that up?!?

Yeah, it's kind of weird that we have 3 home and home series this year.

July 9th
July 17th

Oct 16th
Oct 24th

Nov 1st
Nov 7th

  • Red = Ottawa is home team.

The schedule is not as bad as what the Argos and the Ticats have to put up with. They have to finish the season with 4 or 5 home games in a row, which means a lot of road games in the early part of the season.
The Pan Am Games in Hamilton and Toronto and the Womens FIFA in Ottawa, Edmonton and Vancouver really is a headache for the schedulers.
The Ottawa schedule doesn't look bad at all. I hope that home and away with Hamilton at the end of the season means something, I like the idea of that last home game on Nov 7th being a playoff battle. I would be tempted to stay at home for an evening game on Nov 7th that means nothing.

It is very odd that Ottawa and Montreal do not meat during such big rivalry weeks such as Labor Day or the follow up week.
BC minus a main regional rival plays Montreal then Ottawa during the back to back weeks.
Thankgiving another day Montreal hosts Toronto and there is no second game.

With opening weekend not getting the big interest in recent years as may be expected.
CFL and TSN does have Ottawa visiting Montreal on Thur night which I imagine TSN is looking to get a bigger TV audience. Having that game on a Saturday may a lot more interest in REDBLACKS to organize a roadtrip for fans.
Again the rematch of the GC has Hamilton visiting the western victor. That game may have been better to be scheduled prime time on Thur.
With the Bmbers back in the West they will visit Regina on prime time Sat night. The Riders the real winners for opening weekend with rival Bombers on a saturday night prime time party scene. Should be a packed house as well as huge ratings.

Has there been any real news on Ottawa hosting their pre season game at Telus Stadium at Laval in QC?

Press conference coming tomorrow. From PEPS. :thup:

Pretty cool. not much love lost between Laval Corp and CFL. MR Hunt and OSEG have a bit more in common being Junior Hockey owner and OSEG groups support of CIS football.
Actually a sensible alternative site for Ottawa's pre season game.
I am guessing with OSEGs support of CIS football in Ottawa that a very nice donation was paid to the Laval corp for the use of Telus.

No actually a sensible site would have been Richardson Stadium in Kingston. It's closer, has the capacity and since Carleton and Queens are part of the OUA would have been a better fit. Trust me, more people wanted the game there than in Quebec City.

I am guessing Jeff Hunt himself disclosed to you personally that a donation was made to UL for use of PEPS right?

I hope the Redblacks bend over backwards to build a sort of "secondary" market in QC in the same way that Montreal schmoozed Gatineau for years.

I doubt that will ever happen. It would be nice but sadly, we're a bit too anglophone for that Monsieur Rappeur Chic now arent we?

I doubt it will too, but I would make the attempt. I mean, it's not as though we're going to sell boatloads of season tickets out there anyway.

But if there are potential fans of PRO football in that city, I don't know that they want to be Alouettes fans. They might want to be fans of Montreal's biggest rival. I'd keep at 'em. Got nothing to lose.

We need to ride the synergy machine that is LavalCorp Mr Canuck!!

This will be the first CFL game of anykind in QC in quite a few years. Was it 2003? the last time.
I am sure Queens would be a fantastic and logical site to have held a pre season game.
My OPINION, is that Mr Hunt was more interested in playing in a bigger stadium in a bigger market that loves football and has an are looking again to support a pro sports franchise.
Laval Corp is now about 2 decades in and very secure with there program.
Mr Hunt is of a new breed of CFL owner. Showing that a CFL team and an S&E group could thrive together. This will be a homecoming for quite a few Laval and Quebec area players. Especially with a TC roster.
My OPIONION is that he is counting on the city and football fans to welcome back the Laval Alums and other players from the area that have gone on to succeed at the pro level. As well as those who are starting there pro careers.
He is a pretty sharp guy. If he can get QC interested in the CFL it will benefit the whole league. In specific it will benefit the Ottawa to Have Montreal and QC as rivals

Everyone can BASH me all you want but after the second ending to an Ottawa team with the renegades only a decade ago did anyone ever imagine what is happening in Ottawa now?

When the decision was made to re start a football program at a franco University in Quebec City how many people actually thought it would even work let alone become the standard for a program.

So I do wonder why it isn't. Since Queen's is due for a reno, maybe facilities out there are just not as capable of accommodating a pro team. Maybe they can, but Laval can do it way better.

Let Ottawa go to Queen's next year after the upgrades are completed (assuming they are). I don't care if I never see a home pre-season for the rest of my life. If you want them to play on a high school field in Smiths Falls to showcase them, have at 'er.

Looking into it Queens did complete reno's but have recently announced plans to build a new 9K capacity stadium for 2016 or 17. So could be something down the line.
They could have just gone and played at the Reno'd stadium at Carleton where they have training camp.

I think everyone by now has gotten the impression that he wants to make a splash when ever he can. having the first CFL game in QC since 2003 against Montreal is quite a splash.
He had stated before free agency that teams were not going to be happy with what they were going to do. So he is bold and looking to do things different which could be better. Having there first game ever a pre season game in Regina. Only 13K came but it was not part of the season ticket package and the Riders apparently did not do too much to promote it. Could have been better suited to be played in Saskatoon before the Riders broke camp there but would not have had the same effect.
As for a mobile pre season game. The standard has been for season ticket packages for teams to be 10 games to include the pre season game. As way way to generate revenue tickets are sold even if fans dont go.
Then again that may be something they do different. 9 game season ticket package for regular season only