SCHEDULE MAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good question Espo…I didn’t think of this…I suppose I will watch the Cats game on my big colour TV and have my other one hooked up to another cable line for the soccer game.

Questions, questions: one thing though – my eyes will be glued on the Cats’ game LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

heh heh… whatever… bloody eye-tye.

anyway, based strictly on the starting times of the football, soccer, and hockey games you want to watch, i would think taping the soccer and watching in between the football and hockey games (from 6 to 8) would be the best bet for watching them all in the least amount of time.
unless you have a tivo or dvd recorder and can watch the football game in “chase mode” while it’s still recording after the soccer ends.

I'm not trying to start anything here, but I've often wondered why we're Canadian when it comes to hockey, but foreign when it comes to soccer? If we cheer for the Italian scorer team come International Playtime, shouldn't we cheer for Italy at the Winter Olympics in hockey?

I'll be cheering for the US against Italy, hey they are next door to us and they are the underdogs.
I recently subscribed to High Definition cable and have a large screen Plasma, the World Cup games look amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing CFL in High Definition for the first time.