SCHEDULE MAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


however this Saturday's game is at the WORST possible time! now i have to tape it and watch it after the italy game.

(i'm sorry folks, but blood is thicker than beer.... )

Come to think of it, i think i've got a better solution. Watch the soccer game, with low volume with the Cat game on the Radio. When something exciting happens in the Cat game i can run across the hall and catch the replay...

whats everyone else doin?

CFL all the way.

its gatta be the cfl

You mean thier will be excitng moments in the soccer game ??? Or do you mean when a player fakes an injury , holds up the game so the stretcher can come out and get him and then 2 min. later he`s back on the field again ???

I admire thier ball handling skills but these guys are the biggest wimps going !!!!!

true said. thats probly the most exciting part of soccer watching some of the crazy dived these players pull. and then when you watch the re play the player usuaily barley even got touched.

No need to insult soccer here, but Im Italian and i understand your problem, however its a round robin game against the US. If it was the final i would agree, im taping the Italy game for 2 reasons...

If the Azzurri lose i dont wanna see it...

If The Azzurri win its expected.

Ticat opening day? No discussion there.

see if i had tickets to the game (and more importantly... a way there...) there'd be no question... I'd tape my boys in blue beating up on the alleged #5 team in the world while i watched another blue team get spanked by the cats.

as it stands, the dilema still exists. tho i think i've solved it almost...

(and Habman, if you'll read carefully, i said exciting points of the ticat game.)

POLAND FOR LIFE!!..and ticats..... hmmm

good luck against Germany. (and tough loss to ecuador... BUT great game to watch)

I'm a type "eh" CFL fan.

The sooner the game is on during the day ,ie afternoon the better!

With so many new players on the Cats this year I'm even more interested in watching.

You could watch the Argos /Cats for sure and the WC can be watched on a TV beside it with the sound off.

This'll take concentration, Espo you can do it...,

Simple: two television sets.

The bigger question is for Eskimo fans on Saturday night if the Oilers can force a game 6...... I'm sure if the Esks were playing at home it would be moved to Sunday, but it's in Calgary. I would definitely watch the Oilers.... which I will be doing anyway (fingers crossed).


You are related to the whole Italian National Soccer team? WOW! Big family. :stuck_out_tongue:

what can i wops get around...


You mean you don't have picture-in-picture?

Saturday is going to be busy -
World Cup, 2 CFL games and the Stanley cup 6th game. Looks like the biggest conflict will be the hockey game and the Edmonton at Calgary CFL game both starting around the same time.

sadly no...

espo.... what if the world cup game at the same time as the ticats game was the canadian team (i know, fat chance) and not italy? would you still have a dilemma?

Probably only if Canada was playing Italy… LMAO

if that were the case i'd probably just tape the Canada game, and watch it after the ticat game and after the Edmonton v Carolina game six.

(of course i'd tape the other two games as well for the sole reason that they rarely make it to the WC final tourney)

(i've got a canadian flag and italian flag on my car guys, dont try to call ME out for being un-canadian)