Schedule good for Gades

We play the Bombers next which is safe to say the Gades are favored in that one (not saying it's a gimme)

Then a well deserved week off with a BYE which means Ottawa will have 2 weeks to get super healthy and prepare for one of their most important games (Montreal) and possibly a shot at a clinch on home turf for the playoffs.

Then BC at home - we played them tough in BC now we get to host them @ FCS. Should be a beaut of a game. Our sick D vs their hot O. Splitting with them would be a dream.

Then another home game vs Winnipeg again, then Calgary - These 2 games will help Ottawa hit it's stride on Offence.

Toronto (game 1) - finally a shot to show the CFL and the town that we are not 2nd fiddle - by then Allen will be injuered AGAIN and if not after playing Ottawa he will be!!
Hamilton (game 2)
Bye #2 (super good timing to get healthy for the last big push)
Hamilton (game 3 YEAH we play 3 games vs Hamilton = we make playoffs!!)
Montreal (game 3)
Toronto (game 2)

Conclusion: pretty good sched leading into the playoffs. The BC game will be a challenge. Also note the amount of games vs eastern division teams. By winning the Hamilton and Montreal series Ottawa will be in a good postion to host a game in the playoffs. The other thing too to take in consideration is the fact that Ottawa plays Tdot very late in the series. This could be a positive thing as Damon Allen is currently playing injured and at some point in time he may have to miss a game. If this happens the Argos are in trouble. All this to say, if the Gades can keep winning they came write their own destiny

Hey MM, are you still looking forward to playing the Bombers twice in three weeks.

I’ll take on a 2-6 team whenever possible.

As a Gade fan I have to say yes Piggy - I'm licking my chops....

Especially now that the BB think they are good after beating up the Ticats... Which let's be honest is not great feat.

The Bombers certainly won't be able to run the ball as much as they did that's for sure!

Yeah I know the Cats were ripe for the picking in that one and based on won, loss records Ottawa will be the heavy favorite. But on paper, I dont see much to choose from between these two, if anything Winnipeg is still a tuff place to get a win and Ryan gives us a distinct advantage in field position with his leg. I tell you what, in the past I have generally passed when the Gades came to town, but I will definitely be going to this one and looking forward to seeing your boys in action. This should be a good game but I think the Bombers will take it.

the bombers are weak face it pigseye, There the only team without a good well known QB, kevin glenn is not good enough. I think ur team is a good team but u need a QB,
i predict an ottawa win

If Ottawa keep playing as well as they have been, I think you can chalk a stroke in the Win column. On the other hand, the BC game will presnt more of a challenge. It should be a good game and with the Gades firing on all cylinders it should be an exciting finish.

Ottawa will MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!!!!

ottawa's ONLY losses have come against BC and Edmonton....theyve beaten EVERYONE else they've faced....i think that trend will continue against the blue bombers.

ottawa will be 6-3 after this week.

...followed by 2 possible losses to montreal and BC. followed by another game with winnipeg.

7-5 after week 13... and 2 more games with they WILL make the playoffs! either 9-9 or 10-8

The fact that you beat up on Hamilton is not an indication that your team is very good. The fact that you beat Montreal is a good indication that you have a decent team. We beat Montreal and Saskatchewan but you got killed by Saskatchewan. We beat Calgary and you got killed by Calgary. It will be a good game but the Gades should be favourites. I am glad that you are supportive of your team and you are entitled to your opinion but if the Gades win you have to post a message here admitting that your team isnt playoff bound.

we shall see, and glenns not as bad as you think, now that he has receivers who can catch. Stegall, Brazzell, Stokes, get ready for a surprise Gades fans.

Charles Roberts is a mircle man. he'll get it done on the ground

Kevin Glenn's a good QB, and if you take Tee Martin out of the mix, the combo of Glenn, Russ Michna, and Spergeon Wynn is one of the best in the league. it's the supporting staff of recievers that make them look almost as bad as hamilton.

And what will you post in return.

So bart, do the bombers still have a shot at the playoffs or will you remain silent on this one.