schedule for black game

Just wondering if anyone can tell me the date and time for the black and gold game?

Also, has there been any surprises in camp, so far.


Saturday at Mac 2:00 to 3:30

Best to be there Early Limted Seating.. :cry:

Are you sure its at Mac? Has this been confirmed?

i hope its not a mac? last years was at IWS n it was a blast... i have no way of getting to mac :frowning: can som1 confrm the status of this event?

is this portion of saturday's spectator enough confirmation for you?

damn, that su<ks, i guesse they really wanna promote the mcmaster stadium this year,

I would have liked to go, but since it's at Mac I won't be able to. Ah well, only 20 or so days until the Pre-Season home opener.

ya that suck but it sure would be fun 2 be there

just a week and half to go to Rogers Centre (unless its been renamed again)

I'm going to print off this ROSTER of players and coaches to take down
to the Black & Gold Game at Mac Saturday.

Oskee wee wee.