Schedule-6 weeks between home games MUST change

Heard lots of discussion in our section about the fact we wouldn't see everyone around us until the end of summer.

In looking at the schedule, our next home game is August 20th - 6 weeks and 2 days from now. 4 straight road games with a bye.

The thinking in the past (at Ivor Wynne) was that many people in Southern Ontario vacation in July and August, and I remember reading an article in the past stating that S Ont fans prefer fall football. Thus the crowds were very small in both Hamilton and Toronto for July and August home dates.

Well, with the two new stadiums, this logic does not make sense anymore. Every game at Tim Hortons Field has sold out, and from what I've heard, all Argos game will be well attended due to a much larger season ticket base. This logic (very few summer dates) made sense when we'd have 12-13,000 fans at a summer game. Times have changed - all games now sell out...

Time to stop the usual "off" time in the summer Ticats. You have a terrific product, a terrific stadium, tailgating in and around Tim Hortons Field. You need to create continuity. A game every other week will help create heightened demand and keep the interest of fans. Why keep the team away from home all summer. No other sports league that I can think of would allow this to happen, except when forced into long stretches when a venue can't be used - ie Pan Am Games.

Ticats' management - would love to hear your comments.

Toronto season ticket base is under 5000 just saying, :rockin: and this is a perfect schedule 6 weeks for us STH,s to get some summer vacations done and 7 of our last 11 games are at home witch is when it counts most. and lastly the CFL makes the Schedule not the Ticats.

Less weeknight games would be better as well...or at the very least a 7:30 start.

Not likely. Thursday Night Football is the new thing in the CFL. There is a Thursday game every week.

I'd rather see a more balanced home/away schedule. With 4 away games in a row, do they fly back to Hamilton after every game? I thinks it's pretty tough on the players, coaches, etc.
And, not everyone has to worry about summer vacation and being away. What if your summer vacation is in Sept or Oct? You could easily miss more games the way it is now.

It seems everyone has their own strong opinions on scheduling and what, about it, is most important to them. What this old guy misses most, the way games are scheduled now – more for the TV audience than fans in the stand – are the weekend afternoon games from Labour Day on. I now those days are gone, just like the days when the Cats had below .500 seasons only twice in 24 years.

We have our rematch in Winterpeg on a Wednesday night witch is very rare

Actually, I don't mind being on the road for a while. This seems, so far, to be the year of the non-home field advantage. Of the first 10 regular season games, there have only been 2 wins at home and one of those was a sqeaker in B.C. Ottawa has a chance to reverse the trend tonight but they will be in tough against Calgary. If Saskatchewan beats Edmonton at home, I will seriously consider making all my VGCC picks for the visiting teams :?

Pretty sure BC has same type of schedule we do going on road for 3 games plus a bye week, their next home game is against the Cats on August 13th. Pretty dumb scheduling but I pity whoever has to make the schedule, wouldn't be an easy job at all.

I would like to see at least one home game during this time.
Its not like THF is booked up.

I enjoy going to games during the summer. Put a game at the end of July or start of August.

Plus if the team keeps playing like the last two weeks, they could be 1-6 before they play at home again. With a record like that, I'm sure the stadium wont be sold out.

8) I agree with you, however that home field advantage at THF is long gone now !!
   By the way, THF  was Not sold out for last Thursdays  game, despite what some people say !!     <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Hamilton and Ottawa both have strange schedules this year. Why does Ottawa have FOUR home games in a row plus a bye week in August? On the Montreal site they are complaining that, except for the 1st of Sept game, they do NOT have a home game in Sept. their next home game is 2 Oct, that's one month with no home game.