Schedule 2017

Well I guess we can start to predict some dates for the Argos home schedule now that the TFC BMO Field home schedule is out.

TFC home on Saturday June 17 and Friday June 23 and then not home again until Saturday July 22 and they are home again on Sunday July 30th and then home Sunday August 12.

So that likely means a preseason game at home June 10th or so and likely at least two home regular season games by July 15 and likely one the weekend of August 5th.

TFC are on the road August 27th - so look for an Argos home game then during the CNE.

TFC are home though on Saturday September 9th - so does that potentially rule out a rematch the week after Labour Day in Toronto with Hamilton? Or do they turn the stdium around in less that 24 hours?

TFC are home Wednesday Sept 20 and Saturday September 30 and Sunday October 15th - so pencil Argos home games in around the 23rd of September and then around October 7th weekend - Thanksgiving Weekend.

Maybe we will see the Labour Day game at BMO and the re-match in Hamilton? I'm sure Hamilton fans wouldn't mind, they have had the game for the last few years.

Not a chance if Hamilton (and sanity) has anything to say about it. A Labour Day game in Hamilton is a tradition that dates back to 1948 and only twice in the last 68 years has there not been a Labour Day game in Hamilton - and one of those was the year they were playing in Guelph and not in Hamilton.

Way to go, Hamilton, may the Labour Day tradition continue. Reminds one of the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys hold on Thanksgiving Day games down here in the states.

The Labour Day Classic at BMO? LoL. Not Likely.

Actually, not a chance in hell.

schedule will be out in late-January this year

here is the argos schedule discussion:

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I just want something good, perhaps on Saturday nights, not against Jays games.

I agree. Toronto desperately needs weekend games. They advertised tailgating heavily and then had five games on week nights (not including the Thanksgiving Day game) when people would probably be coming straight from work. It also helps for season ticket sales if people have a fairly consistent schedule to go by.

I don’t think it’s necessary at all for Toronto to host a Labour Day rematch, so I can’t fathom the league having the Argos host a Labour Day game. Especially after the fiascoes in 2011 and 2013 when they didn’t play at all and everyone lost their minds.

It’s a shame that the end of the season (Weeks 19 and 20) is reserved for potential TFC playoff games. Luckily the Lions don’t have this problem at all and their scheduling is easy.

Supposedly, they are 4,000 fans, per game, away from breaking even. That has to be doable with good dates.

that would seem to be an increase over last year already or at least a similar number no? I thought break even point was 18000 or something for them.

good sign.

FYI - The 2016 CFL Schedule was released on Feb. 19,
So it should be released shortly after FA day on Feb. 14.

18,000? but what would the calculation be? is that based on fans paying $100 a ticket? $80 a ticket?
If someone comes out with an attendance figure you have to put out an average ticket price with that.
Plus you have to add up concessions, obviously a crowd of 20k spending an average of $40 each brings in more revenue than a crowd of 12k spending $10 each
I think a "break even" point would be a dollar figure.

The Argos have a much better stadium deal at BMO than they ever dreamed of at Rogers Centre.

Keep in the mind, the ownership also owns 2/3rds of the operating rights at BMO and would have access to better suite, concessions, premium seats and naming rights revenues which would put a lesser pressure on ticket sales.

The 18,000 was based on the average ticket price last year. Since the ST package in 2017 includes 4 additional tickets each, I would put the break even per game higher now, guessing in the 20K range.

It's the best we have. I have heard 18K-20K (from 3 solid sources - yahoo article, Arash and Bruce Arthur) with an average ticket price in the $40 range (from 2 solid sources - yahoo article and Arash).


Excellent point, as always, MG.

Originally, I heard 18K. Since then, I heard 20K. Makes me think the marketing was more expensive than they first thought AND, as MG said, they are giving away a bunch of tickets.

Say what, after last year's fiasco of a game every day of the week except Wednesday, why not revisit 7 out of 7 days this time?
If it's anything close to last year, many of my neighbours and yours truly will not be returning with.

Hearing some rumours out there that season ticket sales are not going that in the Argos are on pace for fewer season ticket holders than last year. Not surprising given the market, how last season went down and how things appear to be shaping up for this season.

Does anyone really care about the Argos and not just talking Toronto? They are probably the team that draws the least in other CFL cities except for Hamilton but even then most Hamilton games are sold out anyways.

The Argos don't matter that much, to Toronto or to the rest of the CFL cities I would say.

BMO will turn out to be a non factor for the Argos other than 10,000 people in BMO looks better than the same amount at the Dump.

All that being said I personally love watching on TV a game between the Argos and any other team as every game in the CFL means a lot for how it all shakes down in the end to win the Grey Cup.


Johnny is hoping that the Alouettes and Ticats play against each other to start the season.

Johnny wants the Alouettes to be the first team to put up 40 points on Reinebold's defence! :lol: :rockin: :cowboy: [/i]

Toronto games in Ottawa are a good draw usually ; not sure about the other cities . Usually see many people in Argo gear at the games so somebody likes them . They are not the Leafs that's for sure but they still have a loyal scattered following in Ontario at least .

Canadian football is so good it practically sells must be to have survived in this country for 150 years. The Argos are one of the top drawing teams on TV, so the fans are out there. I think with the chaotic home schedule over the past several years, Argo fans have little idea when the games are on. Many have gotten out of the habit of attending games (the Argos had home games on 6 different days of the week last year.)

They need to provide a consistent schedule with regular start times and days for home games...and give fence-sitting fans (who realize after 30 years of lifting blackouts that they can watch all home home) a good reason to get off the couch.

I'd like to see the Argos become a "feature" team with home/away games scheduled for Sat./7pm or Sun/6pm, for example. Team up with ESPN2 for a "CFL Game of the Week" trying to feature the Argos and promote them as "North America's Team".