Scary car crash puts CFL receiver Jalen Saunders in hospital | 3DownNation

From the looks of that car, he’s lucky to be alive. Hope he is able to recover and get back on the field.

"Keep you eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel"- Roadhouse Blues- The Doors

I'm hoping for a full and speedy recovery for JS. :+1:

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Jalen hasn’t had much luck since his torn ACL in 2018. Wish him all the best.


Hopefully this is just an administrative move that still enables Jalen to return if he heals up.

Redblacks move star receiver Jalen Saunders to retired list following car accident

“The Redblacks didn’t want to release him, so they put him on the retired list,” tweeted Baines.

sounds like he's not expected to be healthy for awhile but they don't want to release him and they can't put him on the injured list.

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Isn't the retired list the same as releasing? What is the difference? Is it, if he plays again, Ottawa would have his rights?

They could put him on the injured list, they would just have to pay him. It sounds to me like they don't want to do that. It would be hard to attract other FAs if they come to that conclusion. I like to think the Cats would have put him on the 10 game IR. They would still have to pay him, but the salary wouldn't count against the cap.

I think all teams are trying to save money. Teams couldn't afford to play last year and no team is going to make any money this year. Why pay a guy to go on the IR when it wasn't even a football injury? Even if it doesn't count against the cap, they still have to pay him. Maybe in a normal year they would put him on the IR

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Saunders IMO has the ability to be a top 5 receiver in this league. Dude is a stud.

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In 2018 before his injury I’m pretty sure he was neck and neck with Speedy Banks in receiving yards. Hopefully he can make it back to playing and I’d love to see him tear up the league again ( except against the Cats of course). But it’s running close to 3 years since his last action, not sure if he will make it back. Smart move by Ottawa to retain his rights - nothing to lose and so much to possibly gain.

No it isn't. Injured Lists aren't active / existing till camp starts only options we're retired list , suspended list or release

Pretty sure that once on the retired list, if a player chooses to come back, it can only be with the team that designated him as retired.


Which makes sense. TWOCOLOURS could put him on IR now that TC has started.

looks like injured veterans list is active now but 1 game and 6 game isn't

pretty sure that's correct since putting a player on retired list keeps there rights , though if a player is released and then retires, they would be a free agent if they choose to return which is why Ricky Collins was able to sign with the argos