Frig, I waited too long to buy a scarf.

If anone has an extra (new) one, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

8) They had some at Zellers, at Burlington Mall last week, along with winter hats !!!

Thanks Tipper.

I'll have to look around at some Zellers I suppose. I want to pick one up as a Christmas gift.

That's what I get for leaving it to the post season.


If you're referring to the CFL Fans Fight Cancer scarves - try checking with the store @ 1 Jarvis. I believe the ones being sold in Zellers are not the fundraiser scarves that were being sold at games this past season.

Jare can verify this but I believe the proceeds are still being directed towards Wellwood Cancer Centre in Hamilton.

They'd make a great Christmas gift for the Ti-Cats fan in your family if you can find one!

Doesn't anyone knit anymore? :lol:

apparently some do:

Wow.....the timing of that article is spooky.....

Good find :wink:

Re: Scarfs for Wellwood.
The only scarves that benefit Wellwood are the ones sold through the Tiger-Cats website or in the store at Ticat's HQ.
None of the proceeds from Zellars scarves are donated to Wellwood.

Thanks for your interest and support in this effort, we are working with the Ticats on another dynamic fundraiser last year.
Happy Holiday's

What Jarrett said :cowboy:

Na....none left there either.

Just some hats.

If we do the scarfs for Wellwood again next year they will have more dynamic graphics and be longer.
The Cat’s, espeically Greg Dunnet and Mark Bowden have been great with this initiative and mostly the Ticat fan community.
All of you the Ticats fans embraced this idea and bought all of the scarves up! The Ticats Cheerleaders could have been given the scarfs but insisted on buying them to support Wellwood and the Hamilton Community.

Thanks for your help everyone, next year we’ll try to get a few more and help out Wellwood with an even more generous donation!

On behalf of Tigger and the rest of the Ron Lancaster Chapter of CFL Fan’s Fight Cancer and the volunteers or Wellwood Cancer Support Centre.
Thanks for your help and have a Happy and Safe Holiday’s
Jarrett Harris
CFL Fans Fight Cancer Founder