Scaling Season Tickets

We all know attendance is a major concern for today’s CFL. So to that end something I would like to see would be, in lieu of a better term, would be a kind of “scaling” season tickets where it tickets sold for a game reached higher attendance numbers than normal, say in benchmarks of 30,000, 35,000, 40,000 etc, season ticket holders would get a small refund on their tickets based on percentages.

A big problem I have with today’s CFL is the “old boys club” mentality it has and running its business in the usual status quo fashion instead of as a family business, which it should be as most of its fans are blue collar.

The CFL is nothing without its fan. So the CFL would be wise to tie its fortunes to its fans. Most importantly it would allow fans to feel apart of the league again if they would reap the league’s benefits if it got there. And if it got there, there would be no negatives for the league as their newfound or re-found prosperity would more than make up for it.

Thoughts? Is this reasonable or logistically possible?

I think the league has to think creatively including considering ideas like the one you proposed.

Perhaps something like your idea of scalable tickets has been discussed already… but the status quo is resulting in a league that just isn’t growing with the country it serves to entertain.

so the reward for success is a financial penalty?

If they want season ticket holders to enjoy overall success, I think it would be better to increased perks based on the total number sold. Let’s say STHs get 15% off merch, if the overall base reaches a certain threshold (say from 10K to 15K), that discount increases to 17%. Or maybeanother STH event added if theyreach a certain level.

I would also, like to see teams have term commitments(say 1, 3 and 5 years), the longer the term, the better the per season price and perks. Never have 100% of thebase expire in 1 year in the event of a bad season.

It's kind of like how you get a discount from buying bulk at a grocery store, but on a collective level.Or how kickstarters can have perks unlocked.

Here in the Hammer, they’ve tried something new, or at least I haven’t heard of it before.
Since STs go down the year after hosting a GC and since we have the Cup in two years, the Cats have offered 3 year renewals for 2019 prices.

When Bob Young bought the team, 2004 season ticket subscribers got 2004 pricing for the next 3 years as well. The Cats went from a 13,000 game day attendance average in 2003 to high 20000s (26000+) in 2004.