SB vs TE

CFL's SB vs NFL TE are they the same position in each league or they completely different positions... Trying to put together my madden ticats team but on the ticats site they don't list TE's so i am just wondering what position in the cfl is considered TE

A TE lines up “down” like an OLman

what i ment is if u look at the roster page like what player if any on the ticats team would be the WR and which ones would be the tight ends considering we have 7 WR

When i make a ticats team in madden, i generally put the backup WR at TE. In this years case, however, Put Dickerson at TE Which he played in college and NFL training camps and alot of the time in the CFL. Bauman makes a good TE since hes tall.

A CFL SB can have unlimited movement towards the LOS pre-snap. SB's are also (traditionally) MUCH smaller than a NFL TE. The closest SB that would be comparable to a TE (at least in my memory) would be Rocky DiPietro.

Usually the Fb is in motion to TE position , in Cfl Slotbacks add to the passing threat, for CFL Defences.And forcess the d,s to employ "tweeners " to cover fast slotbacks.