SB Score

Giants 35 Pats 31

I don't know if there's going to be as much offence in this game as there was in the last.

The Patriots are the easy pick... but what the hell, I'll go against the grain. (And besides, I'll be cheering for Eli to have a good game.)

I'll say the Giants take it in a nail-biter, 27-24.

For once the Patriots lose by 3 in the Super Bowl. :smiley:

31-28 GIANTS!

Halftime: Pats 17 Giants 10
Final: Pats 34 Giants 16

Patriots - 61
Giants - 3

I hope you're not wagering any money on that score... :lol:

37-17 Nouvelle-Angleterre!

You heard it here first!

What did I say? The Patriots would lose by 3, and they did! :smiley:

ha ha ha ha ha what happened thryllin? gMEN 07 SUPERBOWL CHAMPS!

So did I.