Sayings about the CFL that make you go 'what'?

I'll start with one I read recently:

  • The CFL isn't relevant in Toronto (don't say that to the diehard Argonaut fans there who cherish winning Lord Grey's mug)

There were 2 Roughriders. Yes I know they got their names for different reasons but still..

cfl players are better than nfl players :roll:

CFL players arent better than NFL players, and NFL players arent better than CFL players. Theyre completely different football players. Its like a Russian hockey player vs a Canadian hockey player, both are great players but in a different way


...pretty much anything you want to put in the box below

Who really watches the CFL? that always bugs me

couldnt have said it better myself...

will say.. canadian hockey players care more than russians tho

and some might say

nfl players play for the love on money.. cfl players play for the love of the game.

:lol: :lol:

This one really bugs me and I have been hearing it since the 80's is this ......

"The CFL is going to fold"

It would be a good idea to add the date of this quote. Nineteen forty what?

Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Grey Cup (apparently they've won some, who knew?)...
but seriously I get annoyed when people suggest

US expansion
expansion over 12 teams (with teams in Saskatoon, Victoria, London, Windsor, etc.)
the CFL should go to 4 downs (anyone who suggests this should have their cfl fan card revoked :stuck_out_tongue: )
or that NFL players are necessarily better than CFl players. When I hear that, I know it's someone who I cannot have a reasonable discussion about football because they don't know much...

CFL is weak because they dont make $10 million a year :?

I guess RedandWhite and Chief can’t seem to let bygones be bygones…

I know that I have said things in the past that were out of line and got me into trouble, but I have changed my attitude and how I talk here.

the LEAST you could do, especially RW is show me a little respect…

Come on, don't tell me you lost your sense of humour already? It's all in good fun, man. :thup:

you dont mean to insinuate that he ever had a sense of humour do you???? :twisted: :wink:

…when you earn it young grasshopper, when you earn it…

…I will admit you are making strides to correct your once head-shaking ways…

Confession: :stuck_out_tongue:
I am a recovering Canadian felon convicted guilty on the downs item but have long since mended those sordid ways since joining this forum so thank you guys. :thup:

And now I work to spread the word down here more to serious football fans for whom otherwise anything else but the NFL won't do and can't do (i.e. lame play based more on athletic talent than skill like most NCAA games, usually awful NCAA bowl games, arena whatever, UFL, any copy cat league unless you are actually a player in it, or even the awful NFL pre-season). :smiley:

Progress not perfection. :slight_smile:

Endzone I said since the 80's. Is that not a date in time for you?

"cfl in toronto would do just fine with an NFL team in Toronto."

Do not be mislead by recent poor showing of token NFL games in Toronto. If Toronto actually had their own team, it would be a different story. Specially if that team got competitive