Saying Hello, why don't you

Hey Everyone, figured I would start a post saying Hi to everyone. If you are from the Huddle and have changed your name, tell us, or if you are new say hi or something.

I'm Billy_Soup, was before am still. I'm a Rider fan from Saskatoon. Been a season ticket holder for 10-15 years. not sure exactly. 23 year old Student at the U of S.
Been to the last 4 grey cups and will be going to BC this year. Should be a good one.

Riders in 05

Hey everyone, dont you think on this site it would be nice to have a link where you can go and click on any player and it tells there season by season stats, like on or other sports sites.

Hi my name is Tyler. Blue through and through. I'm 18 and a soon to be first time season ticket holder.

Hey...its Eskimos32001..didnt change my name

Im Jeremy. I used to come here and not post much. I mean i figured there was enough rider fans on here talking crap so I rarely posted.....

Hi im Oleg from Montreal and im a huge Als fan. I cant wait for the season to start and for this forum to get active. :slight_smile:

Eric from Ottawa/Gatineau region.....Born & raise in Montreal, season ticker holder for the Al's !

Hi, this is Colin from Red Deer, Alberta, and if you haven't guessed it yet, I'm a big Stamps fan. Can't wait for the season to start, I think there will be more parity in the league this year making for a more exciting finish. Stamps have greatly improved in the off-season and looking forward to seeing them hit the feild.

Good Idea Billy Soup! I was sportsmen-7 on the huddle, just got rid of the 7!

Gord, I'm Retired and from the Beautiful Interior of BC. I tend to favour the Lions, But love the CFL, especially the Labour Day Classics. I've seen Games in Calgary (3 Years ago) and Edmonton (2 Years ago), and boy, what a great atmosphere in those two venues!

the name is Njord, i've always been Njord and always will be Njord.....I'm a huge Rider fan, lived in Regina for 25 years and been out in Vancouver for the last year (am moving back soon)

Rider Pride in 05

blackdale has managed to get registered! finally. it was a long painful process but it finally worked, good to see a lot regulars made it as well. i will try the site again next week. hopefully this speed problem improves or this site will become extinct before it ever gets going. i much preferred the layout of the huddle. not so much useless space and icon crap. all we need is the message and who wrote it in a form that doesn't take forever get rid of the signature spaces. those are just a waste of space and no one wants to read peoples signatures after each posting... i think the old huddle setup was ideal. the rest of this site does look nice though. my vote goes for practical over aesthetics though. i am sure redoing the site was a ton of work though and i commend those who were involved. i am sure you will figure out the speed issues.

Hello all, my name is Tbone, I enjoy walking on the beach and watching Michael Jackson's trial re-created on court tv.

Hi eveyone, Karlgard from Winnipeg here. I posted on the huddle a dozen times or so and I agree with blackdale about the layout thing. Sometimes simplicity is the answer. I don't mind the sig's though. Other that the page loading times, the site looks great. Here's to another exciting year of the best ball on the damn planet.
Go Bombers.

Hi, mada7 from montreal and I got hte same name on sportsnet and an als fan

Hi, from BCCFLFAN, still the same name, although I did not post alot on the CFLHUDDLE on the old board. Just read most of the posts. :slight_smile:

[b]Hi everyone. I'm still ™�M§A¥�Ñ™, and I'm a lifelong fan of THÊ M?GHT¥ Ê�MØÑTØÑ?ʧ?�Mا

Regulars from the old site know who I am. If you're new to the message boards. I'd like to say welcome. We have alot of good natured smack that goes back, and forth. Remember though, IT IS ALL IN FUN.

I love this game, and think it is the best game on the planet...PERIOD!!![/b]

ICKhari from Winnipeg. I post at several fan sites and have been a Bomber and CFL fan for 30 years. The new site looks great and I'm glad to be here ...

Hello everyone.

clfnut here. I use to post in the old fourm but haven't in almost a year. I am useally on, but after seeing the new site and fourm here I might just start visiting more often.

Oh by the why GO Eskimo's GO

Im Jet, from ourbombers.. Bombers are BLUE!!! :lol:

18, Student.. glacoma .. i smoke weed legally :wink: J/K.

Lets all remember one thing, to have fun AND make fun of rider priders. HeHe.

Bombers ROCK!!!! Go Blue.

Hey there everyone,

This is a nice way to start a new site. Before all the smack talk starts I guess. Huge Rider fan living in Cowtown looking forward to the season and ready to cheer my Riders to victory in Calgary!