Saying Good-Bye to legendary Bomber Gord Rowland (R.I.P.)

Pasting a copy of Mr. Rowland’s bio from Winnipeg Free Press (Sat. Oct. 6, 2018 edition)

Great hero of legendary Bomber lore - one of the core guy bomber who has 4 Grey Cup rings, 5 time all-star and a great player regardless of citizenship (Gord was an all-Canadian, born in Montreal but stayed in Winnipeg and carved out a nice post-CFL career). RIP Gordie Rowland - you were one of the best . . .

THE very best Blue Bombers player NOT in the CFHOF.
A shame.


1956 Parkhurst “Rookie” Card

1958 Topps

1959 Wheaties

1963 Post


Not many of the legendary bomber warriors from the 1950s & early 1960s left w/ Rowland’s passing. I can think of only a few, hoth will provide the rest:

  1. Ken Ploen (83/84)
  2. Ron “Pepe” Latourelle (84)
  3. Al Miller
  4. Dr. Norman Hill (perhaps the oldest survivor, around 93)
  5. Bud Grant (legendary coach & all-star player)
  6. Gerry James (played in both Grey Cup & Stanley Cup in same period)
  7. Dr. Ken Nielsen

Some of the greatest who are no longer with us - Leo Lewis, Ernie Pitts, Farrell Funston, Ed Kotowich, Frank Rigney, George Fleming, Herb Gray, George Druxerman, Dick Thornton.

I believe Dr. Hill will be either 88 or 89 in the near future.
What a lot of people don’t know about the doctor is that, before he was a Bomber, he was a member of the undefeated 1948 Calgary Stampeders team. 70 years ago this season, as an 18 year old rookie, Dr. Hill became the first Stampeder to score a TD in a Grey Cup game.
When I visited him at his home in 2013, I asked the doctor who was the greatest player that he ever played with or against. He chose (Bomber) defensive lineman Dick Huffman, citing Huffman’s US training & technique as what set him apart and made him virtually un-blockable. He gave an honorable mention to former NFLer Gene Brito, who was also a team-mate of his on the Stampeders.

……The ranks are getting pretty thin regarding our illustrious players of the past…Father time is catching up and the star Bomber players of the past are putting together one heck of a squad somewhere…………R.I.P. Gord Rowland…you were one of the best

Very sad. Another Blue Bomber from my formative years has departed the mortal coil.


Here are some scans of Gordie Rowland’s cards from my collection grouped with those of his teammates: