Say what you want about Marwan...

...but he is doing some great work in the community.

Ticats centre Marwan Hage is teaming with Feed The Children Canada to deliver 1,000 food packages to families in the Hamilton area this Thanksgiving, the Hamilton Spectator reports.

"I am using (my) football (career) to go out and do as much as I can to give back to the community. Hamilton has a lot of underprivileged. I just feel if I can give, I'll give. I don't think everything belongs to me," Hage said.

"It always helped people, and that kind of environment of helping people stuck with me. My belief is, let kids be kids and let them play and grow as normal children. That's how I grew up, that's how my parents treated me. My parents did an excellent job in letting me be a child despite the ongoing trouble during the war in Lebanon where I grew up."

I think most people can separate football from community work on this forum.

When we talk about the bad play of Hage, we are talking about his on field ability and skills.

The Hage's Heroes is an awesome program and no one will say anything bad about that.

He also contributes as the rest of the line does to the Purolator tackle hunger fund by allowing all those sacks.

Hage has had a horrible year on the field. His snaps have been wild, and his protection has been erratic.

I honestly can't see him on the Ticats next year, unless he's a backup to someone new who they draft with one of their two first round picks in the 09 draft.

He has been a little off this year but not as much as you would claim. His snaps haven't been that many have missed the QB? Some might be a little low but I think that's getting a little picky.

No other center in the league has had multiple poor snaps like Hage. A poor snap = a wasted down. We can't have that. Sorry, Marwan. Enjoy the bench in 2009...or the unemployment line.

What are you talking about? There is no evidence of poor snaps. But I get your you just troll post to post.

Obviously you haven't watched the Ticats play in 2008. Hage's poor snaps are responsible for at least ten wasted downs and probably about 5 QB sacks.

If you were a real fan you would know this, whoknows (AKA Mrs. Hage, Marwan's Mom)

Ok, name a specific play when Marwan snapped it by the QB's.

There was a stretch of about four games in a row when Hage's snaps resulted in all of those lost downs/sacks I referred to. Lately, his disastrous play has just been because of his inability to block. Either way, shape up or ship out, Marwan.

i really dont know how anyone can say he hassnt been bad this year. his snaps are low, high and sometimes even too early.

ok maybe marwan has had a bad year ... as has the WHOLE TEAM i think it is great what he is doing in our community and i hope other players in this team and others see the good and step up and do something

This is by far one of the funniest posts I have ever read.

Well done :rockin:

Perhaps people should "watch"the line play before they criticize.Sit in the stands and put your binoculars on the OLine.You'll miss many pass receptions but you can see the replay on the big board.Follow Dyakowski or Hage for a quarter then Hudson or Pavlovic for a quarter.This line is the same one that got Jesse all of his yards early in the season.Caulley and Smith have run well behind this line.
Sacks can be the result of missed blocks by the backs.Lumsden's absence hurts more than just the running game.Receivers running the wrong routes can cause the QB to hold the ball longer than the cut blocks needed for a quick slant. Danny Mac and AC in Montreal are quick release quarterbacks with veteran smarts.Their sack totals are low.Some quarterbacks prefer to take a sack over an intercept.Our receivers don't seem to get much separation from the coverage which also causes the QB to hold onto the ball longer in hopes that the pass play will open up.
Yes,I agree that 10 sacks is too much but dumping on the OLine is too simple.Football is a very complex game.We're not talking about soccer,here.Now,there is a simple game for simple minds!
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7) :x

Too many times the qb doesnt even get to stop and look, they are on him before he can even finish his drop or set up, sir.

Well that was a pretty simple response.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7) :slight_smile:

thank you beet.
it dossnt matter what qb we put back there they never have enough time. this line sucks at pass blocking, and needs to get better.

Marwan's community efforts are commendable and appreciated by many, including me.

His snaps (shotgun) have been nothing short of horrendous. His pass blocking (and that of Dyakowski) have also been terrible.

Centre is an area that we HAVE TO HAVE AN UPGRADE IN for 2009.