Say What You Like, Just Spell His Name Correctly

This is a trivial post but I want to clear this up. It's kind of irritating me and making me laugh at the same time, not laughing at anyone, but just that it's kind of a funny situation. I mean this only in a good nature and not attacking anyone.


Poor Adam Tafralis is getting his name butchered in the media and this site.

His last name is spelled TAFRALIS.





His name is Adam Tafralis, ladies and gentlemen.

Hopefully his name is spelled properly on his jersey. I remember last year they had trouble spelling Caulley (for one game). I wondered at that point if the guy responsible for getting the names right was smarter than a fifth grader.

There's something about Tafralis that reminds me of Ken Hobart and it's not just the #4 he wears...

I"m with you a 100% on this not_a_bengal…

But you’re probably tilting at windmills.

For years I’ve been trying to get people to quit saying “receiving core” when it’s properly “receiving corps”, and for years I’ve been trying to get people to stop using “then” when they should be using “than”.

I’ve had precious little success, I wish you better luck.

Another frequent spelling mistake on this site and in the media is Ticats. It is not Ti-cats. There is no hyphen in it and yet it is spelled with a hyphen quite frequently.

Are you smoking crack or something?? Just scroll to the top of the page… It says “Tiger-Cats”.

Whether its Ti-Cats or Tiger-Cats the hyphen has ALWAYS been there. In the 90’s the team even put “Ti-Cats” on the white strip above the face mask.


I have been a member of many forums over the years and sadly this one is by far the worst for spelling and grammar. Some people here need to either go back to school or realize that words are not their friend.

I'm with you there zen; I've always believed that if we are going to use the English language, we should at least make an effort to use it properly.

Yes, I agree that Tiger-Cats is hyphenated. Always has been. Ticats is not. Look at the name of the site itself - If you can find "ti-cats" anywhere on this site I will apologize. I know it is ticats because I was working with the Ticats marketing department a couple of years ago and spelled it with a hyphen. It was pointed out to me that Ticats is not hyphenated. It is something they are very particular about. Maybe it was in the 90's but I also know that Mr. Young is very partial to Ticats and maybe that is why the change was made.

MadJack, I'm assuming that you meant to say writing "receiving core" instead of "receiving corps" as the pronunciation of both is the same, as in Marine Corps, Corps of Engineers etc. I cringe when people say "receiving corpse".

I don't think a receiving corpse could catch many passes. The ball would just hit them as they lay there dead. :slight_smile:

As I said.. the team used to put Ti-Cats on the helmet. Anyone using that spelling got it from the team itself.

Actually, I think we've had a few of those on this team over the years.

sure is nice to be edumacated.

If you like this forum, get used to spelling mistakes and poor grammar.

Absolutely correct Matelot............"core" and "corps" are pronounced exactly the same.....but have very different meanings...........and yes, a receiving corps is akin to Marine Corps, Corps of Engineers, and so on. Glad I'm not the only one who understands this!

Well.................expecting it is one thing, accepting it is something else.

If everyone could spell does and not dose I would be happy

It's Ticats and Tiger-Cats.
My beef is when people use our for are and or (I understand the or that's a typo but our is not interchangeable with are) and they're for their
And one poster on this list is leaving out like every second word and it's driving me crazy. It really makes the person look completely illiterate and makes it extremely difficult to understand what they are trying to say.

Yes, we all have our pet peeves don't we?

Mixing up "our/are" and "there/their/they're" for me rank right behind "corps/core" and "then/than" on the fingernails-down-the-chalkboard scale.

I know exactly what person you're talking about. I think we all do.

I understand he has a spelling problem in his brain and such.. but maybe don't make text the medium for communication if thats the case. I can hardly ever tell what he is trying to say either. I have dyslexia but its pretty mild and I actually double check what I type to avoid errors. I even got a BA from the University of Western Ontario with my disorder. My point is that I at least can use text well enough to properly communicate. To be honest my spelling is better than many without dyslexia. :slight_smile:

Words are not his friend and he needs to realize that. He is making himself look like a babbling moron.

I think the one that sticks out for me is then/than, partly because it seems to come up so frequently. Even folks who are otherwise very good communicators seem to use "then" when they mean "than" surprisingly often.

For me, I find that if I type when I'm very tired, I sometimes make weird "phonetic" substitutions for words (sometimes with a totally different meaning) even when they aren't true homophones. Even proofreading doesn't seem to help me catch those if I'm sufficiently tired. I think I substituted "phone" for "fame" somewhere once. :stuck_out_tongue: Trying to type one thing while thinking another I guess :smiley:.