Say What:World Champions New Orleans Banner

What a bunch of crap.
I just saw the highlites which included the raising of the banner.
Typical American we are best at everything.
The only 4 down league and it is of course, WORLD CHAMPIONS?

You're crying because it says "World Champions?" Come on... The NBA uses that, too. Who cares? I think there are far more important things you should be worried about. :wink:

Yes you are right there are more important things.
Having said that, this is just plain stupid in the sporting world.

That's american culture for you. Nothing new. Pretty much any US sports league refers to its champions as world champions. Go figure.

I agree, but every league seems to use it. The MLB calls its championship the World Series. Dumb, sure. A big deal, hardly.

Without bashing Americans, this is typically an American (ab)used handle.
As for every league, I have never heard our CFL refer to being World Champions of 3 down football. Which they are.

This graph

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seems oddly appropriate for this thread.

That made me lol.