Say what, promoting the soccer game during the CFL game

I couldn't believe yet again, we have a curious promotion by the mother Bell network at CTV.
Couldn't believe how many times during the Argo telecast did the TSN network promote the CTV coverage of the soccer game which obviously would take viewers away.
Even at half time Duthie was on with the crew.
How that does make any sense??
There is no way that the reverse occurred while the soccer game started at 7pm and our game continued to finish shortly after 8 pm.

Nothing new. TSN advertises March Madness games on CBS while broadcasting their own March Madness games.

it was perfectly right to promote team Canada, playing in Canada, in a quarter final. So what if it did takes some clf fans away. I already watched the whole WWC game, both of them, and I didn't need the argo telecast promotion.

TSN also runs endless NFL promos for CTV Sunday during CFL telecasts, even if there's a CFL game in the same Sunday timeslot...which is ignored. TSN also promoted the NFL during the Winter Olympics, not the CFL. I'll bet the CFL promos during World Cup games and on CTV NFL Sunday are few and far between. :roll:

Well you would be wrong. I can't speak for the NFL telecasts, but there was a CFL promo, pretty much every commercial break during the Women's World Cup.

TSN and CTV are owned by the same company. Therefore, cross promotion is expected. I don't know why we have to go through this every damn season.

Cross promotion is fine in my books, why would anyone be upset, it's all the same company?

Do you even read what you write before you hit "Submit"? Honest question, I have a hard time believing you if you say "Yes".

I believe this is filed under the "Complain for the sake of complaining" category.


I have no idea why anyone would complain about a network promoting a sport. If we can get more young women to participate the better. Keep doing it TSN!!!

TSN promoted the MMA fight they were showing on TSN4 during the Bombers/Riders game as well.
I think it's just regular cross promotion - nothing more.

yes of course, it's CTV advertising their product. The final round is coming up for the women and they are promoting it.
I was watching the Women's game on CTV and watching the CFL games on my laptop.

Other networks do similar sort of things all the time. During Sportsnet One Blue Jays telecasts all spring they would numerous times each game have Jamie Campbell reminding viewers that 'Right now on CBC you can watch Game 5 of the Habs - Senators while over on the mains Sportsnet channels Game 5 of the Rangers - Penguins.'

It's not a complaint.
It's a fair question to ask.
Cross promotion I get and have no issue.
However during a specific game to all of a sudden tell your viewership oh by the way if you are tired of watching turn the channel to watch something else?

what bothers me is when the announcers start talking about other sporting events that have nothing to do with there network or is not on anytime soon.

I am watching CFL, I don't want to hear about curling, NBS,MLB, Formula 1, etc.

A commercial is one thing, but when the game is on, that's all I want to hear about.

Yes another good point FYB.
You forgot about the No Funners promotion especially for the Sunday Night Football.
But wait a minute, some here say we have no basis to make such complaints it's trivial!
Nonsense I say, on the one hand TSN does a great job with the league, save and except the GC and playoffs which should be on CTV, then every once in a while such a curious decision is made one that would compare right up there with the Rogers CFL hatemongers.

Who cares they promote the crap out of the CFL every commerical break during CTV telecasts of the NFL. On other sports message boards NFL fans get all ticked off about that. Guess you can't please everyone.

They get ticked off about that? Why? Insecurity I guess that the CFL might be too popular in their minds and it works the other way around as well. I prefer football fans who like all football for the sport, not because of the league.

ESPN and Fox Sports 1 are promoting each other during MLB games for the soccer matches they are broadcasting. Just part of doing business and make viewers aware of the sports that are available to watch.

Who cares about ESPN and Fox, this is Canada we should be promoting our own and not foreign league(s).