Say thank you to Billy_soup

Dear cfl fans.
I just want to say thanks to BILLY_SOUP for not accepting my bet.The one where I said loser has to leave this site.All you rider fans can say thanks to BILLY for that one.I know all of you would miss me.
Once again Billy,thank you.
Once again if it wasn't for you .I would be gone!!!

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh God DAMN YOU TO HELL BILLY SOUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We could have been done with her sillyness fer good.................

Yep say thanks to Billy.
gave him the choice.I could have been gone.
It is all thanks to BILLY!!!!

Thank you, Billy. I couldn't imagine the forum without The Queen of Argo Fans.

G O R I D E R S!!!!

Thank god that bet never happened. Can't imagine this site w/o Saskargo or Billy. It really sucked without HT, lets all try to stay togerther now, eh?

G O R I D E R S !!!

Just imagine the forum without madmaxine and Detor.
It would be the same.Anybody really know who these guys are?

I’d miss you both! Glad you didn’t accept.

I’ve been searching for the post where Kanga took Saskargo’s side. I think it it was Supertoe that Asked Kanga as part of the bet to also denounce expansion. I can’t find that post anywhere. I hope I wasn’t dreamin.

I do not know but Dentor or Dentor2 is multiplying. I figure this way he will have two opinions! ha ha ha ha

Nope you weren't dreaming Sportsmen. And somewhere I saw Kanga come through with that promise. he said "expansion is obsoen" or something along those lines. he didn't say obscene because I am not sure he knew what it meant.

You don't suppose he's a member of that Quebec-based cult who claimed they produced the first human clone. Maybe Dentor is a product of said cloning process.

Ha ha ha you should get rid of that mold!