Say it ain't so... Warren Moon

Just awful if true. This was a player Johnny greatly admired. :cry:

This would only be the second worst thing he has done.
Beating his wife was worse.

He did that?! Wow, Johnny didn't know that.

She is pretty hot

Lots of stuff here

According to a 2010 feature in the American Airlines Skymall magazine, Haskell spent time playing in the Lingerie Football League in 2009 for the Miami Caliente. In a bio, Haskell wrote that she “ran a spread offense? while playing in the league.

Not really surprised. He has been accused of sexual assault before, then there was the unpleasant incident with his first wife. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he's been "at it" for years, but it's only in the current climate that victims are prepared to come forward.

Hmmmm , well these allegations "might" be true , I'm thinking that there's more here than meets the eye . It sounds to me like this woman and Moon just "might" have been in some sort of relationship that "might" have gone south . Reading between the lines it seems like there are more holes in this then a piece of Swiss cheese . As the saying goes , there is always two sides to every story and so far her side seems a little sketchy if you ask me . I'm not saying that Moon is a saint or anything like that but some of these supposed allegations sound pretty outrageous and frankly a little too far fetched for my liking .

So are all these allegations just a Moon full of Swiss cheese ? Stayed tuned........

Ya bobo, I think I read that story a couple months ago in the forum sectionin my subscription to Club International magazine. 8)

Sounds like she accepted a job to be a hooker, and now doesn’t like being a hooker and now somebody has to pay for her decision to be a hooker? Both their behaviour is pretty disgusting and this is a total $ play from her.

There ARE other jobs out there.

If this thing sticks Moon should be punted out of the HOF and off sports media. Horrible role model.

Way worse. Not even in the same stratosphere worse.

How is mistreating a prostitute worse than beating your wife?

OK, I'll bite. How?

If you wanna get into show business, you know what time it is. These women(and men) willingly get into it knowing the rules. You honestly believe this woman didnt know why she was being hired in the first place? Its always been this way. Tony Curtis said it best years ago when he said," Marlynn Monroe got to where she is today, on her knees."

Just so sick of all of these people complaining about something they signed up for. Its like a ditch digger complaining that they have muddy boots.

The unfortunate thing that can happen when these kinds of allegations are made and go to court is that they end up being proven to have no merit but end up sticking with the guy for the rest of his career or the rest of his life.

Careers have been ruined though the one accused was proven innocent and the one making the accusations was just being a parasitic opportunist trying to make money off the guy being accused.

As Bobo82 pointed out there are always two sides to such allegations. Unfortunately, the media and public opinion can ruin a person's career and his life just because it is human nature to draw conclusions without even hearing both sides.

It could be the guy is guilty as sin. It could also be that the female making the accusations is an opportunist wanting to make some fast money as in 'settle out of court' and we'll call it a day'.

Many celebs with deep pockets are more than willing to pay off their accusers to make it go away. And it is not always because the accuser has a basis for the allegations. The celeb just doesn't want to go through the exposure or have his family go through it.

...yes, I honestly believe that the job application did not include 'sleeping in the same bed as your boss while only wearing lingerie' and that role got added to the position after she signed on, and she felt pressured to comply...

Not sure I agree with you Braley. Sexual harassment on the job is a very serious issue in the work place. That is why there are laws protecting women [and men].

However, with such allegations what needs to come out are several considerations:

  1. Was the so called "victim" actually a victim or a willing participant who saw consenting to certain behaviour a means to an end. In Hollywood, there are females wanting to be recognized and advance their careers who will use their feminine wiles to achieve their goals. Conversely, there are those in a position of power [male directors for example] who use their position of power to get what they want because they know they are the gate keepers and can stop someone's career dead in its tracks.

  2. When does consent [for whatever reason] by the female become sexual harassment? When the relationship goes south?

In Moon's case I've no idea wether the accuser has a basis for her allegations. Eventually we will know and Moon will either be exonerated, found guilty or the thing doesn't make it to trial because it gets settled out of court for an undisclosed amount of money.

...I read it that BNTG is saying they are both unacceptable...equal in least I hope that is what he meant, because if he means it the way you read it Dave then that is just wrong....


When I go out of town with the "boss" I have to sleep in the boss's bed. My wife won't go on a holiday with me if I don't share the bed with her.

Sorry, but that is BS. She was established in the field well before taking the job. It was career advancement.

She also reported to a superior on this, so it is not like she went for a cheap shot on it.


I wonder which 'superior' she reported her complaints to. According to the article, Moon is the owner of the company and told her that if she didn't want to do what was asked of her, then he would "find someone else who was" willing.

If true it is a case of abuse of power for sure in my opinion. What I would wonder is when these expectations were met by the female did she continue working for Moon and if so for how long? This is probably what Moon's lawyers will go after.

I don't agree that she accepted the job as Moon's hooker but I'd be interested in knowing how much of " what's in it for me if I go along with Moon's terms/conditions of employment". Just thinking out loud.