Say it ain't so...Please!!

Adam Rita [GM and Vice president] and Gregory R. Mohns[assistant GM] are in talks with Doug Flutie, on his return to the CFL. Argos will announce today that Doug flutie, has agreed to open up discussions, on his possible return.
Adam Rita has reported to a media source, "Doug wants to play in Toronto and the Dollar amount is close"

Isn't Flutie getting pretty old now? This seems more like a publicity stunt than anything, as I somewhat doubt his ability to play. It would however probably attract a lot of attention for the league in both Canada and the USA.

Damon Allen was born in 1963. Doug Flutie was born in 1962. Perhaps Toronto just likes quarterbacks in their mid 40's. :roll:

Maybe Hank posted this on April 1 ...

A bad april fools joke.

Wouldnt even be a joke if it was true though. Doug still better than most of what we got in CFL today.