Just read this in today's Edmonton Sun.
" Although there will be no change this year, LeLacheur admits the sacred grass field at Commonwealth Stadium could be replaced with innovated field turf similar to Clarke Stadium's surface in the future."

Isn't anything sacred anymore. The best grass field in North America to be replaced. Let's start a petition to keep it. To me there was nothing better when I was in Edmonton a couple of years back. A big crowd, the best stadium in Canada and the smell of real grass. Awesome.

The best grass in North America? In the postseason it almost seems like the players are playing broomball in bowling shoes out there the way they slip and slide.

It is the best grass Roughy, the problem in the late fall is the cold.

Of course the problem is the cold. It'll be a better football game when it is cold with field turf. Then it is not who has the best cleats, it is who can make the best moves and run the fastest.

I agree roughy in this day and age you need field turf.

i agree also

looks like crap, plays like crap, and prolly causes alot of injuries

During cold temperatures it is like playing on concrete!

Defend the Turf! Keep the grass!

The only ones that will miss the natural turf are the guys that cut it!

.........hmmm........Campbell slowly relinquishing of replacing the grass with turf........$300K over the new cap........are we beginning to see cracks developing in the foundation of the evil empire?.......

I can not figure out why Edmonton fans are so in love with that grass. Years ago the grass was superior to any artificial turf. When everyone had grass, theirs was the envy of the league. Now the new turfs, especially the Field Turf, provide a much better field in poor conditions. That is anytime the it is raining or cold. If Edmonton fans really look at it, that grass field cost them a Grey Cup at home when Avery could not stand up on it. Sure the grass can be soft in the summer but from what I have heard from players is that the field is very solid and has no spring in it even in the summer. If Edmonton wants grass year around, to ensure a good surface they should adopt the management practices of some of the northern NFL teams and re-sod the field before each game during the cold times of the season. Field turf is much more economical.

NO!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!

OK I'm over the shock now.

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It would be nice if every team played on grass, but it just doesn't make economical sense in Canada. FieldTurf is better.

(Plus, then stupid Hugh Campbell wouldn't be able to go out and soak the grass the night before a playoff game)

One thing though - do international soccer games have to be played on grass? I seem to recall that being one of the big reasons why Canada always plays at Commonwealth ...

campbell also forbids teams from practicing on his field, cuz he says it ruins the it gives the eskies a competitive edge when playin at home.

No one gets to practice on the commonwealth grass, not even the eskimos and for good reason too. A lot of NFL teams with natural grass have fields that are torn up and basically dirt especially around the hash marks in the field where most of the action takes place.

...all they gotta do sprinkle beer on the natural turf....and it comes up half-cut.....oooooo...too corny even for you guy...

till they can come up with the injury and fool-proof artificial turf....i would prefer to play on natural....even frozen... :!:

I for one will not be sad too see that grass go, unless you have been living in a bubble for the last 25 years that field has always been the sh1ts for any team to play on at playoff time…we know Edmontonians are a little behind the times on most things so I say welcome to the 90s Edmonton…

Weird...the thought of Commonwealth without natural grass. That was its character, what made it unique from all the other stadiums in the country. Replacing it with turf would be like tearing down Fenway's Green Monster.

But I've always thought it strange that the northernmost CFL city is the only one with natural grass. Maybe it should change over. That permafrost can create some preventable injuries.

well, if it is better, maybe it is for the best. Still, sad day.

and there goes Edmonton's bid for the 2008 Grey Cup. Calgary will lily get it now.

Why would them changing the turf effect their grey cup bid?