Say it ‘ain’t so

Will there be an all Western conference Grey Cup?
Is the East that terrible?
I still have faith that one eastern team will lose in the final.
How do you see it unfolding?

Time to just go one division and let em play it out instead of treating the teams in the east like a ridiculous special needs division .

It would be real with better stories instead of looking forced and fake .

Probably in the end force the east to be more competitive .


Good point.

It’s like hearing there’s no Santa Claus.


Oh geez Paul. That sounds soooo friggin' sad. :grin:
Forgive me for losing it...

"Will there be an all Western conference Grey Cup?" Asked Paul in a desolate voice, his smoke filled eyes averted down towards the scorched remains of his single, overcooked post-game weenie.

"Yup." I said.

"Is the East that terrible?" Rasped Paul as he struggled to bun his badly charred meal. It stuck and bubbled mournfully upon a blackened grill that now symbolized his burnt out hopes for a balanced CFL Playoff format.

"Uh huh." I said.

"I still have faith that one eastern team will lose in the final." Paul stammered while smashing an old yellow condiment pack with his fist. The tears began to flow down his blackened cheeks as Mustard spewed everywhere and hit nothing edible.

"Oh." I said.

"How do you see it unfolding?" He squeaked, barely able to chew his poorly cremated snack and speak at the same time.

"That hotdog is going to come back and haunt you." I said.

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As a lifelong Bomber fan i'm totally in favour of one league with top four teams making playoffs. Over the years Wpg has gone back and forth from West to East division because of the three times Ottawa , caved, changed names and Mtl twice.
That is so bush league and western people are western people and have zero interest in being attached
to CFL east as were have our own rivalries within our own strong division. And other than the old Bombers hate of the Cats, and young fans barely or don't remember that, we have never had a rivalry with the east division.
Commish Randy has tried to bring parity and therefore fan loyalty to the east to little avail. Make the change for 2023. And.. if it happens then MLSE and Mtl may shut it down which could happen anyway if you read Larry T's interview with the Globe, he said that eastern teams "have little value" I might argue that in the case of the Cats, my second fav team, possibly Ottawa but Argos and Als.. cut the cord now and let players go in a dispersal draft with Ham and Ottawa getting first picks.
Think what parity that would bring?
The surviving eastern teams would no longer be doormats but bridesmaids, even brides.

The Alouettes will win the Super Bowl.

And I will haunt you every Christmas.

What’s your address?

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It's the beginning of the season, 3 of 4 teams are in second year of rebuilds, and there has been 1 (ONE) all east conference game.
Most of those teams haven't gained any traction yet with wins AND it's week 5.

Ottawa and Toronto will both win a bunch of games. Montreal - we will see. Hamilton - didn't make enough changes, we will see if they can plug the holes.

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What's my address? I'm a beaver.

Wherever there is wood to eat... I will be there.
Wherever there is a dam to build... I will be there.
Wherever there is injustice... I sure hope the cops show up 'cause you know... I'm a beaver.

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After 3 or so years of the East not getting a single home playoff game how long would it be before the league decided all grey cups need to be held in the East? I would love for there to be one division but this is the CFL and their priorities will always be with Ontario.

The other option would be to move the Bombers over to the East again. We'll show them how to get home playoff games without breaking a sweat. We'll introduce Eastern Teams to the soon to be patented Two Jeff Defensive Line System and reveal just how easy it is to get huge crowds out to IG Field to watch incredibly one-sided matches in which the winner is seldom in doubt. :smiley: :+1:

Well that's saying IG field lasts for a few more years...which isn't guaranteed if you know some of the structural issues it has

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Hey! We sank nearly a quarter billion into an uncovered stadium that should've cost HALF of that and you're questioning our judgement?! :rofl:

I agree. Last minute chokes and bad luck are a factor as well.
Don’t get me wrong....the west is stronger, but the east isn’t as bad as it’s collective record.

Let's just say I worked for a company that did large part of the testing on the concrete and....well there are just a lot of sections I would rather not sit in

Well if it's the REALLY expensive sections then I'll have no problem avoiding them.

It really couldn't hurt they are just doing the same things wanting different results but getting the same .

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When I see the crowds etc ... they really have nothing to lose and everything to gain .