Say Hello to Clive Doucet

My goodness, that's sad if this group was doing that sort of behaviour. I could use a word for them but I'll choose not to. Klearly Kausing Khaos type folk, I'll leave it at that.

Their just Arzholes. Every city and race has them. Arzholes are the great equalizer. Every property in the Gliebe would pickup 20 percent in value almost overnight and become the trendyest part of town but "The Clive" has got them convinced that this is a bad deal :roll:

Absolutely Hf, if done right. I remember here in Hamilton talk of a waterfront trail on Lake Ontario that would go behind people's houses that backed onto the beach, there was concern that the increased traffic of people would cause property value to decrease and make it less private for the people that live there. But, guess what, the opposite happened. The city did it right, made a great walking/biking path and with nice sign posts and light standards and the area has increased in value and prestige, it's a place now people want to come to as before where the old beach strip was viewed in a lesser light. The same can happen with the Glebe, more people with a nice looking stadium can serve the same function. But it has to be done right. The stadium itself could be renamed The Meeting Place as an example. Plaques can be installed describing the history of the area, sports and recreation in the area etc. Make it a place, a people place if you will where sports isn't looked upon as a drunken activity for the party types, and most people no longer do that anyways in Canada, but rather a historical site to enjoy watching sports, concerts etc. something people can be proud of in Ottawa. I just don't think Clive Doucet and his followers understand what can happen. If I were them, rather than fighting, why not work with the city and the LL group to develop something even better, cooperation and synergy to a mutally satisfying end. Maybe the man doesn't understand this concept though, some don't. I realize the Glebe area is already prestigious with high property values, I understand. But the older people in the area will go to you know where sooner than later and younger people will move into the area. With kids, it's a bit like camping, as a family you want to go where there are other kids, where things are happening. I love parks and Landsdowne needs green space, no question, but just green space alone, well, I know such areas where the druggies and others, won't name, use such spaces to hang out. Why? Because no one is around and they won't be seen doing whatever they do. Clive should understand this concept as well.

The Comish responded this morning to Doucet's comment:

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At the first public consultation meeting, the residents of Clive's ward who are against this thing were out in full force with t-shirts that read "Ask me about sole-sourcing" and asking people to sign a petition against it. The backdrop was some old hippy playing "This park is our park" (to the tune of "this land is our land, natch) on a banjo.

What a drag that he even has to bother.

What a drag for sure. But kudos to him to do so, he just doesn't have to.

Does anyone remember the end date for this ridiculously long public consultation period (after the initial public consultation and the follow-up consultation period, to review the initial consultation result...)

Earl, you were on top of this stuff I recall it was 90 days from early Sept, right? So, we should be in the home stretch, right.

Would appreciate it if you could pass on the info if anyone knows.


The consultation period itself is over. They're going to compile the data and it'll be submitted for review to council around mid-next month.

The opponents were very vocal during that part of it so I don't expect very favourable results. They haven't won many battles, but I believe they may have won that one. That's tough to evaluate though.

Thanks CRF.

So whats the process now...I assume council will take the additional comments received during the public consultations and ask the Hunt group to tweak their package...a tree here, a parking lot there...and then they vote mid-Nov to proceed with the project?

Is that a fair assessment of the next steps?

Is there anything that can kill this now?

Doucet is waiting in the shadows. He will come out swinging when the city has to disclose what it will invest, that's when you will see him put up his fight.

And he can fight, his right, scream, yell, holler, threaten to do this or that but at the end of it, it's about a vote I gather, correct?

What's the situation in Ottawa right now? Are they close? After the Ottawa MLS bid was sunk, I've lost track of the football picture in Ottawa (living in Chicago doesn't help either).

The Lansdowne Live proposal is being revised based on public feedback. It goes before City Council sometime next month. Ottawa CFL fans are going to have to get vocal! :cowboy:

Great! Thanks High_Five, I appreciate the update. Let's hope they can get it together so that we can have football once again in the Nation's Capital.

A shame that our nation's capital doesn't have a team to vie for Canadian controlled and operated Canada's most prestigious pro sports trophy and national championship.