Say Hello to Clive Doucet

For those of you outside of Ottawa, there is a city councillor here who is leading the charge against Lansdowne LIve and the re-emergence of CFL football in our capital city. Today in the Ottawa Citizen, he was quoted as stating the following:

"CFL football is a fading sport. It's a very, very risky investment"

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I've alread written to Mr. Doucet and the City editor for the Ottawa Citizen, Peter Robb. Here is some of my response:

[i]Before you share your claims with the media, perhaps you should check you facts. The CFL has never been stronger. Here are some facts for you:

Ownership across the league has stabilized;
Fan attendance is at an all time high;
TV ratings continue to rise and surpass NFL TV ratings in Canada and often rival NHL TV ratings;
The Saskatchewan Roughriders have merchandise sales behind only the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple leafs;
The Grey Cup sells out several months in advance;
A new stadium is being planned for Winnipeg, seriously considered in Regina and a stadium expansion is underway in Montreal;
Amateur football has made a huge resurgence in Quebec and the Western provinces; and
Soccer, despite its high participation levels, gets nowhere near the TV ratings that the CFL enjoys in Canada.

And in case you haven’t checked, almost all sports team investments are risky these days. Do you think the Toronto Blue Jays are profitable? How about the Phoenix Coyotes? Fan attendance is even down in the mighty NFL.[/i]

I would urge you all to to write Mr. Doucet to express your disagreement with his claim. Here is his email address:

Personaly I think it is up to the league to protect its reputation. Really there is like 200 people listening to Doucet so the worst thing would be to get in there and dirty box with him and get him the attention he wants. No one is paying attention to Doucet and it should be ketp this way, the project is moving forward.

He is using the same innuendo that the loser in Kanata was using almost verbatum so at least we now know who is greasing.

Tsun Tzu would shmooze with his enemies while his army were circling the city :wink:

I've ignored him up until now, but I just couldn't take his **** anymore. I feel better now and I've passed the story along to the League...

CFL is so fading that just 2 hours from Ottawa a city is spending millions on upgrading and expanding their stadium. If he said he didn't think the CFL in Ottawa would work even under excellent local ownership, that's fine, he is entitled to his opinion, no problem but now he sounds like a fool. Guess he and Eugenias Melnyk must be drinking out of the same water bottle.

The CFL is Ottawa. A fact which makes it so much more important to get a team there as soon as possible, so that the city can join the community of cities and regions from the rest of Canada the CFL represents, instead of becoming a culturally detached island, isolated from the rest of the country it's supposed to represent. Seriously, (if that quote is accurate) this guy thinks like either some kind of elitist, or he's so parochial in his thinking that he's simply unable to grasp the concept of a broad, national football-loving community.

Clive Douchette is a liar. Anybody who believes his non-sense, well...

I think the CFL/ Hunt group need to stop being so diplomatic and put this moron in his place.

Great job on the letter High_Five. You nailed all of the major points and put them across really well.

RE: TV ratings, not only is TSN experiencing significant incremental gains year over year, but I read somewhere that they've seen major increases with younger viewers.

You're right rhymes, here's the article:

A cooler, hipper league'
CFL's ratings gains score biggest with younger viewers

[url=] ... 02471.html[/url]

God this guy drives me nuts. He lost...get over it Clive. The city is losing millions in maintenance fees on Frank Clair stadium each year. It iss a Money Pit and something had to be done.

So, along comes a group of significant business people who say to the city...we'll clean that site up for you, provide taxes to the city, and pay for any losses (which will be significant in the first few years)...we just need a partner to assist with the construction costs.

After an incredible amount of study and contemplation, the City of Ottawa has decided to embrace the proposal and has taken it out to public "consultation".

Note to Clive..."consultation" here is defined as tweaking the proposal to ensure that all the i's and t's are taken care of with the Hunt group proposal. NOT kill the stadium. The NEXT step is financing and building the thing. Get over it, you LOST. You know, if you define "lost" as Glebe area businesses being more profitable because of the increased traffic, and your allready sky-high property values will be even higher now.

Bottom line Clive is shut up and quit whining. The treain is leaving the station and you can either be on board and help, or be left behind.

Clive should also read something like this which suggests property values could increase because of proximity to a sports stadium:

"Not in my backyard! Sports stadia location and the property market"

[i]In this article the author, Davies, examines what effects the construction of sports stadia has had on local residential property and communities. Her contention is that in the UK, this has the effect of increasing the value of residential property in the surrounding area. This is contrary to views often held by residents in close proximity to proposed sports stadia, who protest on the grounds that during both the construction and operation phases there will be negative impacts such as congestion, pollution and antisocial behaviour, leading to declines in property values.

The context of this piece is academic. It comes from a journal called Area and contains an abstract at the beginning, highlighting the key points. In her introduction, Davies provides a literature review of her subject, which is one of the usual characteristics of writing in an academic context. After introducing the topic the author explains the research methodology used. Two examples are focused on in this article - The Millennium Stadium (in Cardiff) and the City of Manchester Stadium. They have similarities in that they were both constructed recently and built primarily to host major sporting events. The Millennium Stadium for the 1999 Rugby World Cup and the City of Manchester Stadium for the 2002 Commonwealth Games. Davies used a mixed method approach of interviews and a questionairre survey to collect qualitative and quantitative information on the impact of these stadia on the property market in each city[/i].

Great resource, Earl. Expect it to be put to good use. :wink:

No problem CRF. The citation for the artual article in case anyone needs to track it down is:

Davies, Larissa E. 2005. Not in my back yard! Sports stadia location and the property market. Area 37(3):268-76.

Looks like it's free on the web at:

Doucet is the kind of guy that pulls excuses out of his arze. He will come up with something else. His reasons have changed as the process goes on. At first he wanted an International contest LOL ! That worked wonderful for the Big O. An architect that didn't even understand Montreal's weather and the humidity level. Then he wanted some consultations, then he got thatn now it is a cost issue. He'll just keep coming up with stuff. People like that have very little credibility but we should not egg him on.... :wink:

I don't want to egg him on, I want egg on him.

If I was to send anything to Clive I would plagiarize what rpaege wrote.
I like it. I like it a lot
Aside from that, Clive would do well to leave the business of profit and loss to the actual
business people who have real life experience in turning a profit for their shareholders.
I think Jeff Hunt has proven himself to be more than capable.

What sort of dingbats actually elected this guy?

I disagree ... if non-CFL fans hear something moronic like what Doucet is saying, but don't hear anything to the contrary, they'll assume Doucet is correct - even though he's not. They won't do the research themselves ...

What I meant is in regards to the project the only ones that matter are the people of Ottawa, I'm pretty sure they know what they are looking at when the see "The Clive". I just think getting in an argument with someone who does not have a following tends to make him look like a martyr. I'd rather he just keeps hearing the echo of his voice.

This is a wonderful development for the City of Ottawa and it is being handled by guys who have their heart in the right place and in the end that always comes out. Yes they will get some nice Real Estate out of it but they are not stealing it...

I am amazed that group has not quit and walked away. They had meetings where clive and his people took to using bull horns to cause distruptions at the meeting and the live group has been called everyname in the book, even called dirty jews and other anti jewish names. The people of the glebe should be ashamed at the treatment these poeple have been given. This group,has done more good for the city thru the years then and council has.

I rest my case, too bad people didn't film that, even with a phone cam...