Saw this comin'...

These Esks...they almost deserve this.....unbele :oops: iveable

the sad part is every team such as montreal, calgary, even sask does not treat there QBs as bad as this city and there coach treats Ricky...poor guy i hope for his sake he gets out of this town and beats our asses down.....soo we can show tht Maas is a loser....

Is there some reason Ray's not allowed to throw the ball longer than 9 yards?

I don't think the O-line is giving him enough time to throw the long ball.

I’ll say it right now…

I missed the game tonight (was at a family function), but I caught the replay on TSN2, and after watching the first half of this game… I want B.C. and Winnipeg to string together a few wins so that Edmonton can miss the playoffs.

Say what you want about me, I don’t care, but I refuse to cheer for this pile of shit that has the nerve to call itself a team in the playoffs. These guys don’t deserve to make the playoffs.

Aside from a couple good punts, and a nice run after a high snap by Prefontaine, I saw absolutely NOTHING worth cheering for.

This team is garbage.

I honestly felt like I was watching Toronto with all the dumb playcalls and blown routes and stupid penalties… Jesus. What a disgrace this franchise has become… :?

Bye, take the helmet logo off your signature please.

Why? Because I call it like it is? This team sucks plain and simple, and they don’t deserve to make the playoffs. You want to accuse me of “not being a true fan,” knock yourself out. At least I’m not deluding myself. This team sucks.

....I guess because he didn't see anyone open ...and when he did,his timing was crap....Worst i've seen Ray play in a long time..Give credit to the Bombers though....People who were going to write this team off...better have a second look :wink: :lol:

could be worse. All us Rider fans had to cheer was a single Fantuz catch, Boreham BIG hit, and if Buck had stayed down we coulda cheered for that. Man can he take a HIT or 20.

Ray didn’t receive a lot of help from his receivers at times too. That’s three games in a row for the Esks where the receivers were having problems with the dropsies. However give some credit to the Winnipeg secondary. They played a darn good game.

There was also the 60 yard Arkee Whitlock run, where he covered up the ball and didn't fumble! I believe that play was an audible so just in that one play there was a good call by Ray, good blocking to get him past the LOS, a good run by Whitlock and then he tucked the ball because he knew the BB DB's were going to try to strip the ball.

The Edmonton coaching staff has seen a lot of turnover this season. New HC (a rookie too) and a new OC midway through the season. Add to that that the Esks players have had horrible coaching the last few years and the GM hasn't done a very good job bringing in talent. IMO .500 is an ok record considering these factors.

I hate the Eskimos, and I love watching them lose, but they're on the right track and are perfectly capable of winning 2 or 3 games in a row in November.

Another excellent game, Bishop is doing something there in the Peg. Ray doesn't have the confidence in his receivers I don't think and the receivers seem to be lacking it as well. What a return for a td on that missed field goal, huge.

ok, seriously, I cant figure out the eskimos. They beat the stamps, the riders, montreal, and yet they looked terrible against the second worst team in the league. im not taking anything away from the peg, it seems as though they are gettin better little by little, but i just cant call bishop better then ray. i did not see this comming at all, i though for sure edmonton would roll right over them.

The problem with the Esks is that their offense is very hot and cold, and their D isn't nearly good enough to win them games when Ray & co. are struggling.

Everyone was singing Strasser's praises when he became your O.C., but we Als fans remember Strasser in Montreal. He's overrated. He had his best years as co-offensive coordinator with Doug Berry. The one year he spent calling the plays on his own, we weren't a particularly threatening offense.

That's right.... very inconsistent. Very young receiver and running backs, very similar situation to Hamilton at those positions.

Other probelm in Edmonton since Maciocia is there. Money is no object for any position but total lack of attention to the Oline. I don't think Ray will entertain free agency with any seriousness but you never know.

Ray is signed through 2011 IIRC. How did Maciocca not pay attention to the o-line? He picked up Koch as a FA, who has started for us all season and has been decent. He traded back for Joe McGrath, who has played a lot better than he did last year with us. He also aquired Hinse as a NI prospect, as well as signing our 2008 draft pick Wojt as another prospect. The Esks are second in the league in fewest sacks allowed with only 21 before this week started (Montreal was 1st with only 20 sacks allowed before this week - but they have allowed 4 so far today vs. Toronto, so I think the Esks are first in fewest sacks allowed!). Through all of this though, the Esks o-line has fought through the retirement of Dan Comiskey before the season started, John Comiskey being injured for almost all games this season, and Garrick Jones being out all season. 3 new starters on the line this season, yet they are at the top of fewest sacks allowed. The offensive line is NOT the problem on the Eskimos offence this season, whatsoever. It's all on Ray and the receivers.

cmon esks123

sacks are overated, the part that worries me is the RUSHES the D-line gets on our O-Line.....just because they dont get the sack they still give Ray no TIME

The thing we're overlooking is Winnipeg's defense is good; it's their offense that has let them down. Ray had one of those bad games that all QB's have. Of all the teams, Edmonton is probably the strongest at the QB position. I know we'd kill to trade our top 2 QB's for yours.

I thought the Eskimo D played pretty well considering the changes.

Campbell & Kelly know Ray very well and took away what he does best. When you force him into a dink and dunk game he isn't going to burn you.

Agreed. This team sucks. And the coaching sucks. And no one can catch. Yeah, first??? We better hope we don't finish LAST!? WBB...2 points away. Friggin' embarrassing!