Saving the Alouettes

The Tanguay group ( major sponsor of Rouge et OR) should buy the Als put real football staff together & move them to Quebec city.

Saving the Al’s what?

Buy the Al’s what?

Lose the apostrophes my friend.

Moving the Als to Québec City is not saving them. Saving them requires they stay in Montréal.

At least they will get fan & media support …

Yep. Took the words out of my mouth. Relocating the Als to another city is hardly saving them. Or should we feel blessed that the Nordiques were “saved” by relocating to Denver, Colorado?

Tanguay group does not want competition for Laval.They put the kibosh on the proposed CFL
team in Quebec City in 2008.They had the land for the stadium(which is still available).

Quebec City is different than other CFL markets. Whereas most markets want to see the best-on-best play Quebec seem oddly fixated on only watching other Quebecers. That’s why Laval’s so popular. So unless the CFL started to assign talent by their local colleges/universities like the AAF does I don’t think it would work.

They love their Nordiques though.

They will NEVER get their Nordiques back. ;D

Buying the Als and keeping them in Montreal wou;ld give them a direct voice ensuring no expansion to QC.

QC remains the stick waved at cities that won’t build/chip-in on a new arena … if any current team ever hits a brick wall on the arena front then QC’s dreams get fulfilled … other possibility is if Houston (as rumoured) has NHL aspirations; they are about the last US possibility for expansion and QC could then be the “even numbered franchise” to balance conferences.

Exactly. Quebec City isn’t a major league town. No NHL. No CFL.

Just Junior hockey. University football.

Not exactly sure Montreal is, either (except for hockey)!

Let’s start by stopping the incessant changes in HC and coaches.

In 6 years there has been 6 changes in HC and countless assistants.

No franchise can withstand that kind of instability. I mean there is a time and place I guess for a “Fire_______” thread but every two months?

Yes, because they ALL SUCKED! >:(

Before Sherman the HCs who were fired amassed and 21-27 record (not including GMs taking over)

Hawkins: 2-3
Higgins: 12-14 (9-9, 3-5)
Chapdelaine: 7-10


The longest guy lasted 1.5 years.

Doesn’t look that bad nor does it look like there was nothing to build upon.
God knows how many assistant coaches were fired in those years.

The GMs took over from these guys and promptly went 12-36.

Why exactly were these coaches fired again?

I doubt that. Quebec City fans like to be the Piranha in the goldfish bowl.

In the CFL you can’t beat up on teams with 1/20th the resources.

What’s your point? It’s done.

They were fired because they sucked! The GMs that replaced them sucked even more. That doesn’t make the coaches good.

My point is when asking “what can be done to help save the Als” is to stop this insane practice of hiring and firing coaches every year or close to it.
It hasn’t helped in any way, undermines stability and gives rise to fan skepticism. No team thrives with this kind of upheaval.
After 6 years of this kind of insanity the Als are in worse shape than ever with a shrinking pool of talent wanting to be a part of it. Thank gawd maybe the ops cap will help them.
Just stop. It hasn’t worked. It has harmed the team greatly.

And to Richard: Yes I transposed some numbers on the cap. The football ops cap as I understand it is about $2.74 million.

No, it is stop the insane practice of hiring incompetent Head Coaches and GMs.

HC- Hawkins, Higgins, Popp, Chapdelaine
GM - Reed

Would these guys have a job anywhere else in the league at those positions? Hardly